December 06, 2004

Kill Him! - Violence is the human answer to everything, yes? Or is this satire? I don't know, can you speak Norwegian?

Yorn desh born, der ritt de gitt der gue, orn desh dee born desh, de umn - bang! bang! bang! (ach, faen heller, that's Swedish.. oh well, close enough...)

  • Here's how a free online Norwegian translation site captures it: KILLHIM.NU am a tverpolitisk, ikkereligi
  • This thread is useless without pictures.
  • Dude, Their video (found here) is awesome. I don't get it at all, but it has Casey Kasem and dancing newscasters. The third video has the smoothest rhymes. I wish it had subtitles.
  • The page currently at basically says that the site has, as of the 29.10.04, been shut down by the Norwegian police, who did so without informing the site owners, although they haven't been charged with anything. A police spokesman has spoken publicly about 12 years in jail for incitement to murder, an idea that was echoed by the American ambassador (and as well as a range of other possible consequences involving jail time), but they have not been officially charged. The site owners maintain that the police have no right to close their site down without a court order. The untranslated words in the bit that badgoat in the first paragraph mean, is a non-partisan, a-religious organisation... and in the last, We're naturally against violence and homicide, but we consider that to shoot this man counts as self-defense...
  • Gandhi was assassinated, as were Lincoln, MLK Jr, Kennedy, Lennon, Salvador Allende, Georgi Markov, Obi Wan Kenobi, et cetera, et cetera. In each of these cases it is clear that the victims became more powerful than the assassins ever imagined. I hope any up and coming assassins have the sense to deny Bush this glory.
  • This made the headlines over here. A quick translation of this:
    Fredag 29.10.04 fikk Det Kongelige Norske Politiet stengt sida "". De gjorde dette uten å informere oss som hadde laget sida om at de ønsket den fjernet eller at den skulle stenges. Vi lærte som alle andre om stengningen av vår side fra avisen. Siden da har det gått to uker. Politiet har fortsatt ikke fortalt oss noen ting. I media har politibetjent Pål Kråby slengt om seg med "12 år i fengsel for drapstrusler", "foretakstraff", "2 år i fengsel for sjikane", "oppvigleri" og hva som verre er. Vi har ikke blitt innkalt til noe avhør eller blitt kontaktet på noen som helst måte.
    The Royal Norwegian Police got the site shut down on Friday 4. September. They did this without informing we who have produced the page that they wanted it removed or changed. Just as everyone else did, we learned about the closure of our site from the newspapers. That was two weeks ago. The police have still not told us anything. In the media, policeofficer Pål Kråby has thrown around phrases such as "12 years for death threats", "corporate punishment" [huh?], "2 years in prison for libel", "agitation", and worse. We have neither been called in for questioning, nor contacted in any way.
    The Norwegian police are not the most professional of police forces.
  • I should also mention that the site is the work of a Norwegian rap band: Gatesparlament.
  • I hope any up and coming assassins have the sense to deny Bush this glory. Good point, fuyugare. Perhaps we could arrange a demise similar to Hitler's suicide only Dub-style? Hey Dub, wanna go huntin'? "Well, his last words before the gun went off were, lemme take a look and see if somethin's stuck down the barrel."
  • The video is great. Is it just me, or is Norweigian a perfect language for rap? Rolling and liquid with lots of trilling Rs.
  • I was going to type that I thought that Kenobi's death was not an assassination, but then I thought better of it.
  • Of course it wasn't an assassination; it was a strategic masterpiece.
  • Kenobi was killed in a fair fight. The Emporer was assassinated. So was Caeser. Both of these had a positive effect. A google search reveals hundreds of assassination that had no impact (that didn't make the victim more powerful, or whatever). But then again, look at Franz Ferdinand.