December 06, 2004

Am I to believe that there a genuine American market for erotic furry anime computer games?
Because it's dorky enough to like computers. And anime. But if you get your rocks off to 'Do You Like Horny Bunnies', 'Let's Meow Meow' or (god help us) 'Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber'... well, maybe it's time for help. Or a Fleshlight. NSFW! Duh! Surprise!
  • Is this really surprising? If so, what's surprising about it? or (god help us) You're entreating an empty throne.
  • H-games are kind-of ho hum (reminds me of middle school), but that 'fleshlight' is quite disturbing. Also, US$50 is ridiculously high for a kitschy reusable rubber.
  • Be great if it also acted as a flashlight - you could scare the crap out of burglars, caught in the angry glare of a pulsating vagina.
  • "Includes a great "hands free" feature too!"
  • Aaaargh... so... hard... to... resist... MonkeyFilter: caught in the angry glare of a pulsating vagina
  • Errr, if my vague memories of SA reviews are right, the "Bunnies" one is just about something like Playboy bunnies. Not, y'know, rabbits. Anime fanboys are keen on chicks with nauseatingly "cute" additions like tails and ears (and collars and leashes, and paws, and tabby stripes), but they will rip your head off if you dare equate them with furries. 'Cause it's totally different, and furries are gross whereas catgirls are like, totally hot. Rrrr...ight. Anyway, yeah. It's not that I'd worry about so much as the obsession with screwing one's sister in those games (Oh, but she's adopted, it's okay... right) or the "Oh no, she just looks 8 years old" effect. But anyway.
  • well, furries like to dress up, right? And anime/manga people just fantasize about fictional characters, right? The adopted sister thing is pretty well established. Lots of victorian novels and soap opera plots about that.
  • Doesn't anyone just have sex anymore? With humans?? /hopelessly old fashioned
  • Anime fiends dress up, too. I make costumes for some of them as a hobby (non-sexual capacity, at least so far as I know). Though on top of that, there is cosplay porn; in addition to the usual nurses and whatnot there are human porn-actress versions of various cartoons. It's definitely a fine line. And here's where I do the I Am Not Like Those People, We Are Not All the Same interpretive dance. Fes - you're assuming most of these sorts can get sex with humans.
  • I do Fes...I do.
  • Doesn't anyone just have sex anymore? With humans?? I'd like to, but people in thirteen states claim that my* sexual activities with other humans ought to be illegal. PS: there is still hope for us, since there doesn't (yet) exist a 'furry' mod for the fleshlight. * not really
  • $2,000,000 in research and all they can come up with is a pussy in a flashlight?! I'll stick with my RealDoll er... umm.. girlfriend. Thankyouverymuch.
  • Bob's Bad Day Bob the burglar, still gamely clutching the family silver, transfixed in the angry glare of a pulsating vagina, sincerely wished he had just stayed home. Making a break for the door, he thought he heard, lilting softly from its vibrating lips, "Get your GED Bob, get your GED".
  • moneyjane wins!
  • YEAH! GO FUYUGARE! Never resist a tagline. One must flow with the thought. Doesn't anyone just have sex anymore? With humans?? To that I would like to add, does anyone still do it missionary style*, without, erm, marital aids? *missionary style was an old-fashioned position that allowed for such activities as talking, kissing face to face(on the lips, so to speak) and eye contact--that's occular contact, whether blue, green, hazel, or brown. It was once considered normal although may now be either obsolete or considered very kinky.
  • /and here's where I'd post my grudge about the sweeping generalization of anime/manga/cosplaying/furries as one single group, and the utter grossness reaction to them from most people. "Face it", I'd post, "we all indulge in character playing and disguises and costumes and props when getting into the act. Lingerie and makeup and sex toys are mainstream now, and if instead of your partner wearing some lacy garment, what turns you on is some plastic mask or fluffy suit, who's to judge you?" Of curse, if I did post that, I'd be branded a weirdo and all other monkeys would stop even flinging poo near me, so, mmh, well, I won't.
  • *flings poo near Flagpole*
  • Doesn't anyone just make love to normal flashlights anymore?