December 05, 2004

Becker and Posner Conquer the Blogosphere: Gary Becker, a Nobel prize winning economist, and Richard Posner, a prolific author and influential federal judge, launch their blog today.
  • They are trying to get in on blogging, and in the process will make it more legitimite and prestigious. But then where will all flash links and stories about your cat go?
  • Well, I fully expect Posner to update us regularly on his cheese sandwich situation.
  • Yeah, Posner indicates that initially they will only be posting on Mondays, but we'll see how long that lasts. I've heard that if Judge Posner were a law journal, he would rank in the top 50 in numbers of citations. That's pretty impressive, and an indication how prolific he is. Check out his publications page.
  • Thank God- another blog! Just in time to avert the world wide shortage! I'll sleep soundly tonight.
  • Boy, it's a good thing kamus got his account back. I wouldn't want anyone to use that account to say something stupid, like denigrating the contributions of Nobel prize winners, or something like that.
  • Hey if I'm saying something stupid and denigrating Nobel prize winners to boot, at least you know it's the genuine article that's making an ass of himself and not some imposter making a stupid and denigrating remark. And if these guys are so smart how come it took them so long to get a blog? I actually didn't denigrate anyone anyway- just commenting on blog sprawl in general
  • I'm just giving you a hard time. Anyway, I assume it took them this long because they're so frickin' old.
  • I knew that
  • Denigrating the contributions of Nobel prize winners... Don't miss the blog of celebrity jurisprudent Laurence Tribe, too!
  • I couldn't agree with this commentor more: Wow, this will be like watching a couple of concert pianists blunder into a mosh pit. I wonder how long they will be able to stand it. Seriously, though, this will be cool.
  • Or is it really them??? Dum dum Duuum <------ ominous music effect, 'K? Actually, there's comedy gold aplenty over here, on just that question. Is Posner sufficiently Posnerian, or is it an imposter Posner? Stay tuned!