December 03, 2004

Crouching Tiger my ass! Video of a monkey (I think it might be a gibbon, actually), teasing two young tigers for no good reason. Video quality is sub-par, but the content is fantastic.
  • That is fucking awesome, man. Just absofuckinglutely awesome....
  • It is a gibbon. The editorial quality of the video (the number of camera angles, etc.) makes me suspect this is not something the cameraman just happened to stumble upon.
  • Wait until the gibbon discovers tigers can climb trees. "Oooh look, another tiger. A momma tiger. Oh, shit."
  • "HA! My Dangling Monkey Ear Tug triumphs your Apathetic Tiger Cub Swipe!"
  • Me thinks the gibbon is smart enough to only do this to tiger cubs, not to mama tiger. This also looks to be shot in captivity. Animals often form odd bonds under human captivity. Witness the photos we see of a dog nursing kittens or baby ducks following a dog as if it were their mother.
  • ((
  • Hylobates lar, or the white-handed gibbon. If anybody's interested in species. Or perhaps Nomascus leucogenys leucogenys, but I don't see a crest. Also, this rocks.
  • Love-it-or-leave-it?
  • Now I know my occasional compulsion to bug the living crap out of the cat can be squarely blamed on my monkey pants sorry, monkey genes.
  • I agree its definitely Hylobates. Film probably taken in a wildlife reserve in Malaysia or perhaps Thailand... not sure where else these two groups would encounter one another. Many wildlife docos are completely set up, especially when you get lots of closeups. Most of the classic 'Life on Earth' was filmed in studios. Very funny video, pity about the quality, though.
  • It's probably me, but I can't stand movies that are 'monkied' with cartoon sound effects. Spoils it for me...
  • Here's a working link for the original video: Gibbon taunts tigers