December 03, 2004

Firefox Extension: Makelink 2.0 - this is really good if, like me, you love Mozilla Firefox & you post a lot of links on blogs like this one! See inside for more details.

MakeLink adds a right-click context menu item allowing easy copying of links to the clipboard in HTML, forum-code or straight-down-the-line "text (URL)" format, cutting-out the fiddle-farting around. It works 3 ways: by using a right-clicked link's own URL & link text for the new link; on a selected block of text it uses the page's URL as the new link URL & the selected text as the new link text; or clicked anywhere it uses the page's URL & title for the new link. Basically, this thread in the Make Link 2.0 - MozillaZine Forums (I just used the third Makelink function to paste that!) will explain the details, but the Firefox 1.0 compatible version is available here (save that .xpi to disk & open in firefox to install it) or go to page 5 of the thread to grok. So far, I've had no issues with it. It is also configurable from what I can see, which I haven't played with, yet. Off ye go. I love Firefox.

  • Seems similar to Paste Happy (Instructions). I, too, love Firefox.
  • Ta quizen her! Excellent.
  • No time to explore this moring, but, like, cool! Will the likes of we Mac users find this as useful as it promises to be??
  • ack. "morning".
  • Fuck knows.
  • It is also configurable from what I can see, which I haven't played with, yet. The configure window lets you add other formatting strings or change the format of the three default strings (Plain Text, HTML, and UBB). You could use it to pre-configure highlighted text any way you like, actually. Very cool. Thanks, Nostrildamus!
  • mwhybark: Works great on Firefox on Panther.
  • This is like a godsend to linksluts.
  • Using Firefox is sweet after using IE.