December 03, 2004

If I was going to spend $450.00 on an iPod, this is the one.

If you could make your own iPod edition, what would you include. By the way, what was Apple thinking when they released the U2 special edition iPod? Why U2?

  • Would you pay more for this turd if we budled it with a turd and called it double special edition turd? Yes sir!
  • *bundled
  • Personally, I don't like turds that much. I particularly don't like to be exposed to where turds come from.
  • At this point in my life, I have now got more out of Negativeland's "Christianity is Stupid!" (Communism is good!)* than all the U2 songs that have floated through the Cosmos. Though there is nobody who can say the word 'le-monnn' quite like our boy Bono. * From 1987's "Escape From Noise" Also contains a track called "Car Bomb" - quite possibly the most touching love song ever written.
  • yall know you can get a free photo ipod these days, right???? check it out here or go to
  • Yall know how to use html, right? Yall know not to spam us with your stupid referral SHIT, right?
  • over at Slashdot, they decided to coin a new phrase: "Free as in iPod".
  • Smallish Bear, I do believe that was scarcasm, but JFK does appear to be htm-illiterate
  • This is very funny and all, but how could it not include the actual offending songs by Negativland?
  • No it wasn't sarcasm! In his first and only post to mofi, he tries to get referrals for this pyramid shit. Is this sort of thing encouraged here? Fuck, the next 5 people to post send me $5 each and then get the 5 people who post after you to send you $5 and then we'll all be FUCKING RICH!
  • Would you pay more for this turd if we budled it with a turd and called it double special edition turd? Sheesh - not like anyone's holding a gun to your head. If you like U2, it's probably pretty cool, if not, it's not. I haven't listened to them with any seriousness for quite some time, though I'm sad to admit my wife's distressing habit of watching the O.C. exposed me to a track from the new album last night, and my toe may have tapped once or twice...
  • its not a pyramid scheme, its not sarcasm, and i'm not html-literate. proof: "here" here and here or just sign up here who wouldn't want a free photo ipod??
  • but everyone LOVES ebay links
  • jfk: We've discussed here before. Whether it's a scam or not is really not the point. It's frowned upon to continually use a thread to try and refer people to your link. Quietly mentioning the site and putting your referal link in your profile would be a lot more considerate. Spamming a referal link in Monkeyfilter is a quick way to get an account deleted.
  • Also, that ebay link has been posted on a lot of blogs recently and the seller is neither a monkeyfilter member that posted the link here, nor does he/she stand to benefit from that auction since everything minus the cost of the ipod itself is being donated to Downhill Battle. It's apples and oranges.
  • Ya gotta earn the capital before you spend it, y'know. First 2 of 3 comments having links to a referrer that will assist you in getting something isn't exactly good form. I'm waiting until my 1000th comment, and them I'm going to post links to all the things I want people to do to help me get something I want. And if they send me money, I'll send them Productâ„¢ at no additional outlay to them and make their lives happier and their breath smell better.
  • I tried Monkeyfilter and I lost 28 lbs. in JUST THREE WEEKS!
  • Meh.. That iPod doesn't even include Escape From Noise.. How can it be worth so much money?
  • My next post will be a link to my amazon wishlist. Just in time for Christmas. PS jfk, anything with a blatant referral in the URL just sucks, and if I see another from you it will result in bannination.
  • well met. from henceforth, i will cease and desist the pollution of your oh so holy message board and forgo the linking of what some may or may not view as relevent posts. thy forgiveness and mercy are requested and from now on my urls will refer to nothing blatantly. if i fail to uphold to your lofty standards i will accept any consequences administered by queen tracicle.
  • Verily, we live in the Post-Ironic Age after all. Or maybe people wouldn't be suspicious if "relevant links" didn't have a payoff for said poster thereof. Ya think, maybe? A simple "Sorry, won't do that again" would suffice. Unless you really only posted in hopes of getting a clickthrough. You can come clean, I won't hold it against you. Pardon me while I go launder my Holy Vestments and say three Hail Monkeys for you.
  • I seriously dig U2, but I'm not going to shell out that kinda cash. We now return you to your regularly scheduled beating.
  • 1. Sackcloth soooo doesn't go with ashes, dude. 2. If I were going to spend etc. Sorry. Pet peeve. 3. Something that costs $450, is meant to be carted around in my bag all day, and will break very easily just...isn't for me. But hey, I know how to say that without casting aspersions on everyone who does like that. Nifty thing, that difference between "my opinion" and "objective truth."
  • I tried Monkeyfilter and I lost 28 lbs. in JUST THREE WEEKS! I hear if I send five pounds of fat and then get five other people to send five pounds, I get a free double cheeseburger at Harvey's.
  • woo, entitlement issues! I am a man, a man with one finger A man with one finger on my hand I am a man, a man with one finger But that doesn't count my ring finger, my middle finger, my index finger, or my thumb. (whistling solo)
  • I think the black iPod is hideous.
  • Worlds most expensive album release! meh - U2's new album sucks, the iPod looks hideous and the spin off idea is missing tracks that would really give it some meaning like, 'U2: Special Edit Radio Mix' which is the reason why the two bands are on the same iPod in the first place and why any proceeds are going to a good cause.