December 03, 2004

Jane Says..."Oh, and I did get to Spain, by the way,"

There was an actual Jane -- with an actual heroin habit and an abusive boyfriend named Sergio -- who lived with Farrell and nearly a dozen others in a group house in Hollywood as the band was forming in the early '80s. Yes, she talked endlessly about scrimping for a jaunt to Europe ("Jane says, 'I'm going away to Spain / When I get my money saved")...

  • that, moneyjane was a damn fine link. ((( for you!
  • well, that's another 2 of the great questions answered in my life. I ♥ Jane!
  • dang. i love that song. nice find.
  • this is very great. thanks for the link moneyjane. glad you kicked now instead of kicking tomorrow, jane.
  • Sheeeeeez. 'Jane Says' and Porno for Pyros' 'Pets' are that kind of tunes that, due to the events when first heard them, just make me want to sing out loud. And maybe cry. Out of joy, sadness, who the fuck knows. "Oh, and I did get to Spain, by the way,"... oh boy. Don't know if that's a happy ending, but, to pharaphrase, that's as close to it as we're gonna get in this century. This post made my night. Thanks a lot, Moneyjane.
  • I love that song, too. I'm glad Jane got to Spain. It kind of gives you hope.
  • Wow! Thanks, moneyjane.
  • I've never heard the song, but it's a good story. Plus, it explains how they got the band name. Thanks, MJ!
  • Remember being in an acquaintance's dorm room and hearing that for the first time on a pirate tape. Thinking 'what the heck is that!?' simulataneously with 'I want to hear some more!'. I think we re-played it ten times in a row.
  • I'm glad Jane's doing well, but I still feel sorry for the pig.
  • It's a song that reminds me of summer and driving with all the windows down on a hot day. And the live version they did on SNL wasn't too bad either.
  • Cool. So Jane went to Smith and worked a Century City management consulting job. And here I only thought of her as that woman who looked pregnant in the supermarket because she was hiding fruit under her shirt. Q & A with Jane
  • I dunno why, but I first read this FPP as "Jesus said.."
  • Ahh...I'm 17 again....
  • Wow, thanks, moneyjane. That song is so beautiful, and has always made me so sad. To paraphrase flagpole, this article is as close to a happy ending as real life gets.
  • Great find moneyjane, thanks.
  • This is awesome.
  • I love reading stories like that. Thank you moneyjane!
  • The junkie thing started to build speed in the music/art scene in Vancouver when China White came around in the early Nineties. There were ideas about junkies; never trust a junkie, naturally, being number one, and that, a friend, once you found out they were doing needles, was put on this can't-get-too-close-anymore-cause-it's-only-a-matter-of-time-until-they-die kind of list. And it wasn't quite established if junkies were cool or not. I embarrassed my best friend when I started putting up home made-posters around the neighbourhood telling people to be really careful because so many people were od'ing on the much purer dope that was flooding the market. He was not into heroin at the time. Four years later he was, and he OD'ed and died just like everybody else. It interests me to see perceptions of junkies in music of the time, to see how people handled it. I think junkies were an uncertain bridge between romanticized musical risk-taking and the reality of dirty sad things that would first make you ugly then kill you. I'm glad Jane made it.