December 03, 2004

It's a miracle! Don't be waiting on Gob to be fixing you up a miracle! Roll your own! Stolen from here.
  • Sweet! I did it the hard way and put Virgin Sammy of the Banana on His Head on Thee Sandwich a while back, as seen here.
  • Gob's in his sandwich, all's right with the world...
  • God's in his 40, All's right on the block. Got my bitch on my lunch And I'm ready to rock.
  • So this casino pays some $20000 for the idiotic sandwich in order to get publicity. In order to capitalize, it puts up this website, and success!-- it is linked to on monkeyfilter (and possibly even other places). I feel dirty and used.
  • "Do this in remembrance of me." (They otta sell wine with vanity labels for the complete experience.)
  • How did this make it into the hall of fame?
  • Hey, look! It's my penis on a sandwich!! Hey, better ON a sandwich than IN a sandwich. Unless maybe they're twins. Gob help me, I need sleep.
  • I feel dirty and used. I feel like a sandwich. Actually, I didn't realise that was a commercial site, as I'd forgotten the name of the casino that bought the sammy, if indeed I ever retained it at all.
  • Gob: the holy chosen deity of monkeyfilter
  • Adds a whole new spice to the term "Gobsmack"...
  • And once you're done with miracles, how about relaxing with a nice soothing sheet of bubble-wrap?