December 02, 2004

Curious George: Yodelling Music Blogs I like Yodels. I think it's beautiful to hear what some people can manage to do with their voice box.

But it's very hard to find yodelling on the internets. I doubt anyone actually has a music blog devoted to yodelling, but there might exist one that has a section of yodels. Or maybe monkeys can recommend some good artists? I know of one: Mary Schneider. Her voice is wonderful, and she's done quite a few that aren't to hard to track down. Anyone have any recommendations for other yodellers?

  • must. resist. urge. to. yell. REEEEEEE-COOOOOOOOOOO-LAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH damn. I tried.
  • Judy Canova, an old flame of Edgar Bergen, used to be noted for her yodelling --- she had a radie show back when I was a kid and appeared in films.
  • This is an awesome site where you can learn how to yodel. The first few lessons are easy, then it gets massively difficult, although this is the way with all the best things in life I suppose.
  • seems to me there WAS a yodelling blog... but I think it's since closed.
  • forksclovetofu: Dang. If anyone could come through with a music blog, it'd be you. That's too bad. clivedallas: That's sweet. I'm learnin' to yodel, right after finals. beeswacky: I'm DLing one of her shows right now.
  • Judy Canova looks not unlike a certain someone associated with this site.
  • Judy Canova looks not unlike a certain someone associated with this site. THIS IS QUIDNUNC KID. Bullshit Internet Bullshit
  • HA HA HA...OMG, I went to that yodeling site, I can't stop it! damn it! hodl-ey-heee--hoooo! damn you Clivedallas, damn you and your internet savvy. Another artist that's really an amazing yodeler, is none other than's true!
  • Don Walser is one of my favorite yodelers. Really worth checking out. Seriously he is great.
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  • ahh...Don Walser. Jovita's on friday nights. Mmmm. The memories are flooding back.