November 30, 2004

The Periodic Table of Funk If your gonna get your funk on, ya gotta know all the basic elements that are used to build up our funky universe. Who knew Barney Fife was a basic building block of funk molecules?
  • Whitest fucking Periodic Table of Funk I've ever seen. Almost makes you suspect that it was created by white people, who also happen to be twats, in a pathetic and transparent attempt to make a loose grab-bag of feeble retro-culture reference points (that they happen to like) cool. Their plan to do this involves adopting a feeble blaxploitation ghetto patois, calling it "funk", and being so wrong about stuff that they just have to be right, don't they? This hypothesis has recently been confirmed by Professor George Clinton, of the Bopamalogical Insitute at Harvard Funkiversity.
  • Any Periodic Table of Funk missing Oscar Gamble has some serious, SERIOUS flaws.
  • They also spelled "sensei" wrong.
  • I think Professor Clinton is on the right track with his theory. And I hear that Bootsy Collins is conducting similiar reserach from the MotherShip.
  • well I liked it. Although for a table of funk there was a seeming lack of musicological data. It was fun. ) for the effort. An' y'all suckas can just cool out, dig? *adjusts sky*
  • *puts his thing down*
  • Jimmy Nolen misses out again. Still, that would be about right for the most imitated guitarist in history, etc., etc. .
  • What the rest of you said. And, two more words: Jaco. Pastorius. Although I guess he is a "jazz musician." But I say the essence of funk = bass and the essence of bass = Jaco.
  • I had the pleasure of seeing Jaco with Weather Report from row 2 in a fine-ass venue.
  • wolof, you lucky lucky man. ::drools::
  • "It's Huggy Bear, baby. That's all you need to know." Bootsy's in there somewhere, right? I want this, crushed on purple velour. On a hat.
  • Star Wars fans everywhere will be happy to know that the "walking carpet" is funky.