November 30, 2004

The canonical reference of "Your mom" jokes
  • doesn't work for me? and that's OHHH so disappointing. Loves me some mom jokes
  • Your mom's bandwidth is so limited...
  • ?
  • Your Mom is slightly less attractive than the average woman in her age bracket!
  • I believe the proper way to phrase it is "yo mama".
  • Works fine for me. Especially like the geek section. Your mom is so dense not even intelligence can escape her. Your Mom is so fat, when she walks she sheds vortices so large that modern synoptic-scale models include her as a factor. Your Mom is so bad at math, she...wait a second. You guys are making jokes about math? Are you f%$#ing kidding me? Math? I think that perhaps the only thing less funny than math is...uh...all right, you got me. Nothing.
  • OK, it works now. Nice.
  • Your Mom looks like a poofy squirrel.
  • yo mama's got a pegleg with a kickstand.
  • Your Mom is so fat that if one would calculate her Broglie-Wave-Length at the speed of 10^-50 m/s one would get 10^-90 OH SNAP! Seriously, though. Your mother is an astronaut.
  • Your Mom is so fat she was overthrown by a small militia, and is now known as the Republic of Your Mom Classic!
  • Your Mom is so dumb, she thinks cosine is something you do on a loan. This is one of the few geek jokes I understood.
  • I never really understood the whole "mom joke" thing. When people would say something to me like, "Your mom is so ugly..." I would typically respond, "She sure is" or "Oh. I guess you have seen her." Seriously, I would watch people get puffy at someone telling a mother joke when the person did not know the person's mother. So if someone insulted my mother who had not met or seen her, then why in the world would I care? And if someone insulted my mother who had met or seen her, then they were probably right.
  • Bernockle, please leave the playground now. Hey, yo'mama so out of it, in the morning, she read Metafilter first.