November 30, 2004

Commercial Breaks (90MB avi file) A fascinating programme on BBC2 television about Imagine Software Limited. The Liverpool software giant crashed out during the summer after a life of a little over 18 months, during which time it produced more hype than any other software house before. The company appeared to bask in self-created publicity, much of which was very clever, and so it seems appropriate that its death should also have been as well recorded for posterity by the media it sought for its promotion, as had its successes in life.

The article from Crash magazine about the show (which Crash were sued over, at the time). And further proof that the BBC has always been faking stuff...

  • The transcript of the show.
  • I haven't watched the show yet, but read the article, good stuff. I was twelve, and living in Liverpool, when this was all going on and remember Imagine as being huge. Interesting to hear what was happening behind the scenes. I do recall they were very generous with my request for some posters. Had them all over my walls :)
  • Not Found The requested URL /temp/commerical_breaks_256.avi was not found on this server. But, poking around the folder, found some amusing pics... ha, like perusing at a friend's drawers while he's gone looking for that disc I came to fetch... not that I'd ever do that thing, of course...
  • I've put it up here, if anyones still interested.