January 16, 2004

ZIP Code Fun! Start typing a ZIP code, and as soon as you type even one number, it will highlight the area of the country that has that code, so when you type just "9" it highlights the whole West Coast. Type another number and that area jumps to a smaller area that has those two numbers at its beginning. [via Idle Type]
  • it got my hometown ZIP wrong! 60085 is waukegan, illinois, not something called "McGaw Park," which i've never even heard of.
  • That is pretty nifty. Got all my zips right. It is so easy to forget the elegant simplicity devised by the post office. Hurrah for mail.
  • The shocking part for me was how fast things got narrowed down. Way cool.
  • I'd like an application like this for UK postcodes, or phone area codes.
  • Oops. Saw this on MeFi last month. Then again, this did give me another shameless excuse to play around with it.
  • Okay, I have to admit, from the description, I was thinking, "How much fun could this be?" But it's been fun to play around with, especially with the zoom function enabled--and it's a hell of a lot more fun than fatal dog attacks...