November 30, 2004

Construct your face from scratch using a Flash version of the ID kit used by police.

Or just construct your ideal monkey mug. Via Horkulated.

  • That is crazy - I was able to put my face together in less than 5 minutes - the only thing that was off was the texture of the hair. It seems to be having a bit of a problem saving it though - if it makes it I'll post the link Awesome post, and fun to boot
  • I couldn't figure out how to move the hair up and down... all I was able to do was scale it in the X and Y planes. I had to quit as the face was looking too squished.
  • Hey roly, just click it on the picture and move it with your mouse
  • I couldn't get my nose, goatee, lips, or jaw right. It also looked 15 years younger than me. Otherwise it was a perfect match.
  • When I finished mine, I realized I was wanted in five states. I'm now on the lam
  • duh, I can't believe I didn't think of that. Thanks a22. I guess I'm spoiled by counterintuitive interfaces.
  • I could only make the younger, angrier, better looking version of me. All right!
  • This is fun! Thanks, bibliochick.
  • Crap, can't find any way to direct-link a face.
  • I got sort of close to my face, but no matter what I did, I still looked like a criminal.
  • Yes, that was fun.
  • That was great. I had trouble naming & saving it though.
  • Nevermind, it worked. It's prettier than I am though (saved as "agrafeuse", it's a long and boring story).
  • Tons o' fun! I'm gonna make up a bunch of wanted posters of myself and put them up around the neighborhood.
  • Now that you've seen me, I'll have to kill you. Damn! Seriously - they'd get me with this - it's really accurate.
  • Chimpanzee in Chief. For the monkeys.
  • I have learned, again, that I desperately need a haircut. Definitely wouldn't want to date police-sketch me.
  • I always knew I had a really bad visual sense, but I thought I at least knew what I look like. I can't even get close. Plus, the closest hair I could find is the Rachel.
  • I put mine under my MoFi nick, but the hair's wrong and the eyes look sort of puppy-dog sad.
  • I think it only works if you're a German psychopath
  • What I like about it is that it makes me look much younger. Otherwise.. I'm in trouble.
  • Ah, that makes sense, then, Wibbleflex. I'm German-American.
  • I like the flying monkeys, it is so Oz.
  • You know, I could swear I encountered this years ago - possibly on a Russian server.
  • Yes, this made it to MeFi a couple of years ago as "Ultimate Flash Face", hosted on I made a frighteningly accurate sketch.
  • I can't get my eyes right... I have almond shaped eyes, but they're not quite as almond-y as Asian eyes. *sigh* I'm probably just a bad artist :)
  • I pressed the button marked "save face" and it said "too late, buddy".