November 24, 2004

(How) To Kill A Mockingbird (flash) t3H b3St b00k r3P0rt EVAR!!!!1 Warning! Spoily! (via the very odd memepool)
  • Hmmm. I think I need to re-read To Kill a Mockingbird. Apparently, I don't remember all of the symbolism and literary devices employed. Especially the pirates. And the flaming sharks.
  • The bears and dinosaurs and fireballs seem familiar though...
  • Facts: 1. Ninjas are literary devices. 2. Ninjas ALL form a line. 3. The purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill... um... a mockingbird. Yeah. And win the Pulitzer Prize. And learn about justice. Yeah.
  • That was fucking EPIC.
  • Best.Use.Of.Dramirony.Ever.
  • Wow, that was amazing. I had TOTALLY forgotten about the time-travelling castle!
  • He had me until the Army of Undead Mockingbirds. That's just so unbelievable.
  • Holy Jesus, Pat Sajak is a scary dude.
  • lens flare! motion blur! lightning storm with lightning! yowsa. we should invent an Online Best-Picture Oscar and present it to these folks!!
  • HAHAHAHAHA!!!111!!!!!11 w00t!!! Th4T was the Sh1111T!!!!111!!!! Z000xxx0r7 R0xxxxxxxx0rzzzzzz!!!!111
  • This is what I get for skimming the book and reading the Coles notes instead -- they TOTALLY left out the Cold Fire! I would have read THAT book! Damn you, Coles! Damn you to HELL!
  • Why must you bring up old memories for me?
  • boo_radley win! FATALITY!
  • I'm involved with a indie feature film at the moment. How to kill a mocking bird would make a better film. No, really. angry, COLD FLAMING, bears RULE!, yeah. (I don't think I'll be working on the film much longer, I keep insulting the director) Also, best use of music. evar.
  • I guess he only read the book up to page 50 or so. And then dramironically improved it! The music was killer.
  • wow. it's like they were reading a completely different biography
  • I wish the book had been scored by Europe.