November 19, 2004

The Cat With Hands {mov. fiction.}
  • Cool.
  • That's pretty creepy.
  • Pretty dang cool.
  • Wow, dobbs, nice find!
  • Third time I've seen it, and it still creeps the hell out of me.
  • Wow. That's veeeerrrry creepy. Thanks!
  • Brilliant. And absolutely frightening - I'm still shivering. )
  • The thing about cats can believe one would try something like that. Wouldn't catch a dog pulling that scam. Of course, they'd probably still be stuck at the bottom of the well.
  • Is that link safe to click on?
  • I'd call it SFW, itch. However, it's NSF-people who don't like being creeped out.
  • Ah, fantastic stuff there. I am back happily clicking away! Thanks, dobbsie.
  • A couple acquaintances and my niece (that got me in trouble with my sister-in-law...), somewhat impressionable peoples, found that link somewhat disturbing when I forwarded it to them, some time ago. Nothing too explicit or gory, but a disturbing video nonetheless... so, you've been warned.
  • Absolutely atmospheric, Shaggy. Reminds me of the first 10 minutes of American Werewolf in London. Something about the lighting, the mist... oh, and something massive being all scary-like.
  • I like creepy stuff, thanks for the link.
  • Seen this around, but fun to see it again. Gracias.
  • This is cool. Very creepy indeed.