November 19, 2004

M-City - I had an email from Mark in my inbox this morning letting me know about a great project that he had found,! I know I say this kind of thing a lot but this IS one of the greatest graffiti projects I've seen (IMHO).

An explanation...the guys who have created M-City started with simple isometric images that were then transfered to A2 before being made into stencils. The individual objects were then layered into complex and unique designs before being transfered to the real world as giant urban cityscapes. They have to be seen to be believed. There are loads of photos to look at as well as some really great videos (an interesting look at them making their paste is especially good) and there's also a more in depth look at the process.

  • Great post. Those are very cool.
  • I suppose this is one of those you have to see it to believe things. All I can think is that it's just a giant version of simcity.