November 19, 2004

Early Office Museum. Lovely old doodads from copying machines and pencil sharpeners to key-driven calculators. And, of course, typewriters.
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhh! It's Thursday night, I've got these three antique lenses sitting on the coffee table and I'm trying to figure out what the heck these old rectigraph lenses could be used for. I'm a thinking to myself - Self, I says, what I need is somekinda early office museum to use as a reference. I'd been researching them for a bit and decide to take a break and check out MoFi. Oh whats this? A post about freaking antique office equipment! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Shit like this scare Argh. Argh no like. Argh now beleive in God. What it mean?
  • it's also affected my spelling
  • I dig the animated stapler.
  • Name's misleading -- at least, "early" to me would mean earlier than the late 1800s, for offices have been around a long time. Also seems US-centric -- be interesting to see some other nations' equipment etc mentioned for purposes of comparison. Nonetheless, very interesting link,Metal Monkey, thanks.
  • Does anyone else think this looks like a waggy dog?
  • This makes me so pathetically happy. Thanks Metal Monkey!
  • I actually found the bit about staplers coming to dominate the loose paper binder wars to be very informative. I recall in grade school we used to have an old binder device that did some pretty neat folds that held our test papers together, sans staple. I've always wondered why I don't still use something like that. Now I know that it was the auto-feed photocopier that killed my beloved office product. *shakes fist at evil copier, which is currently feeding pages but only photocopying 4 of every 5 pages*
  • Great link! My favourite is "Consul" the Educated Monkey. IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE TO THE MONKEY WHETHER CHILDREN ARE BRIGHT OR STUPID, HE NEVER LOSES PATIENCE AT HAVING TO ANSWER THEIR QUESTIONS. Gosh, "Consul", I wish all of us monkeys could be like you. Each player who is in doubt as to whether the answer is correct is allowed to consult his monkey.