November 17, 2004

One Word, 60 Seconds, Go Got writer's block? No time to write? Don't think you can be a writer? Let the muse run wild in a flat sixty seconds. And then post it for the rest of the world to see. Sounds scary, but in fact strangely liberating. (Also has links to poetry and photo caption challenges - you have to register with TypeKey for those, however, while the writing challenge is noreg.)
  • Neat.
  • I've done this a few times, though not recently, and I do enjoy it quite a bit. I've given some thought to doing something similar just on my computer, since it should be easy enough to put together.
  • Yeah, I started a site like this called Tachygraphy, but I can't motivate myself to update it regularly. Besides, I like the format here of instant-submission more than the tedious way I had to set mine up. Alas..
  • )
  • ... a poem is pure energy horizontally contained between the mind of the poet and the ear of the reader if it does not sing discard the ear for poetry is song if it does not delight discard the heart for poetry is joy if it does not inform then close off the brain for it is dead if it cannot heed the insistent message that life is precious which is all we poets wrapped in our loneliness are trying to say -- Nikki Giovanni, from "Poetry"
  • Zen Acorn a frozen indian acorn a frozen indiana corn afro zen indian acorn afro zen indiana corn a zen fro in diana corn frozen fan in zero canadian indian corn for arizona nonradiance a narco dozen faze an african --Haeyette Mullin