November 17, 2004

Happy Birthday Monkeyfilter! Well, it's been a year since the great Monkeyfilter experiment was undertaken. What began as a refuge for Metafilter lockouts has evolved into its own beast, with its own personality and its own personalities. We don't have a birthday cake, so let's indulge in a little self-congratulation and the smugness it entails. While we're at it, let's take a moment to thank our fearless leader and Alpha monkey.
  • All hail Monkeybashi! With the ))) and the monkey love! Hip Hip! Ook! Hip Hip! Ook! Hip Hip! Ook!
  • Thanks Tracy. Seriously. Thanks.
  • Thanks Tracicle! Thanks Numbah 2! And thanks Monkeys! Without you guys I would be a less wise, less entertained, infinitely sadder critter with more free time. May Hanuman smile upon this little corner of teh intarweb. "I left my heeeeeeeart, in Monkeyfilter..."
  • for she'a a jolly good monkey, for she'a jolly good monkey, and deserves all the (((((((((((((()))))))))))'s she can get. love ya' for all you do! Carol
  • Oh yeah, 2356 signups for the first year isn't too shabby. That's about 6.5/day.
  • And without Pete_Best that's still almost 30!
  • Thank you Alpha monkey. You are really something.
  • many ♥'s and )'s
  • )! Wow, a whole year. I've accomplished so little - and I have monkeyfilter to thank for it. Thanks for being so wonderful :D
  • Somebody clue me in as to what ")" means.
  • HIPY PAPY BTHUTHDTH THUTHDAY BTHUTHDY! Thanks so much to Tracy and ever-supportive #2. I look forward to reading MoFi every day, even if I don't always post, and I love the community here. Bananas for all!
  • Happy birthday MoFi and thanks tracicle & #2!
  • Thanks MonkeyFilter and Tracicle for allowing newcomers to play with these lovely monkeybars.
  • (It's a picture, pyrrthon, of something monkeys are suposed to really like :) It started as the monkey version of [this is good] I still don't know how to create a bunch - someone did that once and it was amazing!)
  • thanks, jb!
  • )
  • Oh, and some birthday images: Totally on-topic birthday monkeys! (warning: animated .gif) Stuffed birthday monkeys! Monkey cake!
  • :-) Congratulations Tracy-sheep!!!
  • Livii - the last link doesn't appear to have any cake involved. (But I'm really curious as to what it does mean.)
  • Monkeyfilter:BEST SITE EVAR!!!!1111oneone!11 ))) for the Number One-Tracicle-Monkeybashi and all her little helpers. Wohoo!
  • It's a birthday cake that someone put the little monkeys from Barrel o' Monkeys on. Thought it was awesome, other than if those candles made the plastic melt. ;)
  • Congrats to tracicle and everyone who's made MonkeyFilter the monkeylicious site it is today, including all the pete_bests.
  • )))) Thanks Tracicle and #2. Monkeyfilter rocks. I love monkeys.:)
  • And, back to topic. It's incredible to me that tracicle took on this site, and still professes to love it. We're truly blessed, folks. And, I've said it before, though I think it got lost with our memory, but I'm so in love with all the monkeys. Even the few that piss me off, since that starts up the thinking engine. If this went away tomorrow, I'd be so sad. Let's treasure this by being the best behaved we can be. I don't know how many chances we would have to find a community that equals this one. Soppy and sentimental seems appropiate right now.
  • The, ah, birthday was four days ago.
  • Well, that's one year of my life I'm not getting back. Happy Birthday to the good ship MoFi, and all who sail in her! And thanks beyond comprehension to Tracy and Michael, and to all the other pioneer monkeys who helped make this what it is. Have a euphoric crescendo of music: D'you know, it's so long ago now I can't even remember who I gave the Dr. Zaius login to...
  • Happy Birthday, Monkeys, and thanks Monkeybashi!
  • D'you know, it's so long ago now I can't even remember who I gave the Dr. Zaius login to... dng
  • Goddam tags!
  • yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and thanks for the community; often the best part of my day.
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the monkeys, except the ones who are dicks, who can suck it. /troll Happy Berfday to my favorite online hangout, the place where I spend at least half my time on the clock. And thank you Tracy and #2. I'm going to call you guys and thank you personally, say around 2 a.m. your time. Seriously, big love to everyone. I'm ready to drink the banana-flavored Kool-Aid when you are.
  • Gracias, tracicle, and gracias, monkey community.
  • *hugs for #1 and 2* *hug for Richer & his work on the MePhi engine...*
  • Thanks 'bashi and happy birthday monkeys...!!
  • gave the Dr. Zaius login to... dng Nope. I tried to give it to him - that much I remember - but he turned it down. I think it was something about not trusting himself with that kind of power. This gave me a new found respect for the man; respect, and profound suspicion.
  • aha! thanks. I remember you writing "dng check your mail" and assuming it had gone through. Whoever got it doesn't use it much though!
  • That was me doing the assuming in the last post, BTW.
  • Oooh, help me Dr Zaius! /chimp nurse
  • Thanks to tracicle and everyone here for keeping us in bananas!
  • )))))
  • Let's all have some cockpunch. Now lift your glasses, my Monkey brethren and sisteren for a toast to our beloved BASHI and the Techno-Bashi! OOOK OOOK And a bunch'o nannars to all. ((((()))))) ((((()))))) ((((()))))) ((((())))))
  • Huzzah, and thanks to users 1 and 2!
  • Allow me to also voice my thanks. I read mofi everyday and I am happy to say that I am eager to converse with you all. That is due to Tracicle/Monkeybashi and all you other monkeys being superlative people. Well done, I'll enjoy a nana in celebration. Maybe a nana split.
  • Where's the icecream, I was told there was icecream! *starts crying*
  • I Heart Monkeyfilter. Thanks to the most magnificent MonkeyBashi! *hands out nanner Moon-Pies to all*
  • Thanks tracicle. Here's to many more!!
  • MonkeyFilter is one of the first sites I look at in the morning and one of the last sites I look at before bed. Plus, plenty of time in between. It's one hell of a community here.... Thank you Tracy for al your great work and reasonable moderation and thank you to all you monkeys who make this a true Internet Family. (and thanks to #2, whose first comment came under difficult circumstances.) We rock!
  • ...."al" is actually "all". Stupid dumb itch.
  • Happy b-day and thanks!
  • ... and thanks to MoFi for very moving words.
  • Thank you Tracicle and Monkeybashi, to the community I thank you all too. It's a nice place to be. I've only been a short time, but I'm grateful for the bananas and the fun. Here's to more!
  •  _                                          
    V  \                                        
     \  \_                
       |\ `. `.                                 
       ( \  `. `-.                        _,.-:\
        \ \   `.  `-._             __..--' ,-';/
         \ `.   `-.   `-..___..---'   _.--' ,'/ 
          `. `.    `-._        __..--'    ,' /  
            `. `-_     ``--..''       _.-' ,'   
              `-_ `-.___        __,--'   ,'     
                 `-.__  `----"""    __.-'       
    found here.
  • argh, what happened to preview? Oops.
  •  _                                           //\                                          V  \                                          \  \_                            \,'.`-.                         |\ `. `.                                     ( \  `. `-.                        _,.-:\     \ \   `.  `-._             __..--' ,-';/      \ `.   `-.   `-..___..---'   _.--' ,'/        `. `.    `-._        __..--'    ,' /           `. `-_     ``--..''       _.-' ,'              `-_ `-.___        __,--'   ,'                   `-.__  `----"""    __.-'                          `--..____..--'  Yeesh. Happy pair of smushed nanners.
  • Chee! Chee! Y'all are my heroes. Smart, silly, snarly, sexy, and prehensile-tailed. Truly, it getteth not better. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being good people in strange times.
  • yes, thanks for this fine slice of banana cream pie goodness that keeps us all coming back for more each and every day.
  • *passes the banana flavored drink*
  • I love you MoFi! and BlueHorse isn't half bad either!
  • Happy birthday, MonkeyFilter! It wouldn't be half as fun without each and every one of you. Your posts and comments make me laugh, cry and think, often all at once. May we have many more years of bananas. :) Wolof, shh! I missed the 14th.
  • Congrats, all. And thanks to the monkey keepers for providing such a clean, well -stocked cage to frolic about.
  • OOOk OOOk! Happy Birfday Monkeys! I love you hairy bastards. Many thanks to Monkeybashis 1 and 2 and muffpub, get your hands off GramMa's fetlocks!
  • Huzzah for MoFi and its monkeys, all
  • What everybody said. Yay!
  • *Downs banana liquor* Monkeys! We must unite! To hoard the remaining bananas, then sell them at great markup to the gourmands who will surely be demanding them twenty years hence. I like monkeyfilter. I'm glad it's here. Thanks tracicle for running it, and thanks to the rest of you for making it a site worth coming to.
  • Happy Birthay Monkeyfilter ! And what Plegmund said.
  • ¡Felíz cumpleaños! And many more
  • Happy birthday everybody! And thanks traicicle! What you all said!
  • It's MoFi's 1st brthday! Let's watch it smoosh cake all over its face and take lots of pictures.
  • Happy Birthday, monkeys! As all monkeys are, you are all clever and frisky and banana-loving!
  • Happy Birthday, MonkeyFilter. *drinks cockpunch*
  • Happy Birthday Monkeyfilter! And kisses to the fantastic tracicle, the wonderful number 2, little number 3, antenatal numeral 4 and all the other complex, irrational and transcendental numb-nuts of MoFi.
  • When can we start locking out Metafilter users who want accounts here?
  • .
  • It's been a great first year! Thanks to all monkeys and especially #1 and #2.
  • Yay! also, I noticed that the "new" links skip to new comments recently. That is very cool. Thank you.
  • happy monkey thank yous all around! and especially to our very own monkey power trio! (monkeybashi + number 2 + little monkey!)
  • Love you all. Everything I wanna said has been said already :)    | )))))  ))))   )))    ))    )
  • thanks tracicle. thanks monkeys. happy b-day!
  • You realize that one year in Real Time is 22 years in Internet Time, so MonkeyFilter is old enough to drink (and in two years will be old enough for US Social Security). Enjoy the rapid aging process, just never become the old crank that the OtherFilter has... Congrats, tracicle and family...
  • I noticed that the "new" links skip to new comments recently Is that true?? *tries it* It's true! *hugs those responsible* OK, why are none of the petes_best in this thread? What have they gotten up to?
  • *drunk*
  • Wow! *Sigh* Gosh everyone this is so unexpected! I . . I don't know where to start . . *snif* Well, okay I want to thank my Agent, Bernie Koogol for getting me this role . . . there were times (oh, no I said I wasn't going to cry) *sniff* . . anyway I want to thank my lovely wife Mrs. Best - We did it honey! Do you love me baby?! Ahh and . . . wait a minute . . *scrolls back up* . ahhh . . this . this is all about MoFi isn't it . . . heh. heh. Oh you guys! You can be so sneaky! Well I guess I'll just say thanks to Monkeybashi and remind everyone to keep quidnunc away from the punch. Now it's time for Pin the Tail on GramMa! Wheeeee!!
  • Many happy bananas, everyone, and an especially big bunch to her esteemed highness Monkeybashi and consort - thank you thank you thank you. You guys make me happy.
  • Next year I'll be telling the young 'uns, "You think you're so smart? Well, I remember when petebest had an underscore, an UNDERSCORE, damnit! Furthermore, I remember when he didn't have an underscore, that being the first time, before he had an underscore and oh, hell, you kids don't care anyway, you've got no respect, with your jetpacks and your pocket neural nets..."
  • mctDon't forget petebest2, which preceded the underscore, if I recalla right. Happy birthday to Monkeyfilter, and thask you Monkeybashi for putting up with us for a whole year!
  • One year and one day after MonkeyGate: MeFi reopens.
  • Although I can't hide (now) that I got me a MeFi account just now, I have to say that (although I've been absent around here a lot lately) I can't imagine hanging out there the way I feel I can here. I'll remain a voyeur there, just a voyeur who can occassionally stick in something I feel is going unsaid. Here I can be, if I want, a real member of a community. Long live Monkeyfilter, and may the sun always shine on Monkeybashi our Queen. (Oh, and it's my real birthday today and my monkeybirthday in 9 days. Yay!)
  • What rustcellar said (except for the birthday stuff; mine's in January). I was psyched to snag a MeFi account just now, but MoFi feels like home.