November 15, 2004

Old School Geekery - an ad for the a new Citroen pays homage to the Transformers of my youth. Soon to be all over the internets - I bring to you now. Video MPG File.
  • That's awesome. I mean, really.
  • very cool.
  • Best. Commercial. Ever.
  • *sigh* I wish my car could shake its booty. Hell, I wish I could dance that well.
  • reminiscent of this ... linked here before
  • ...and this. (More info here.)
  • I love these types of car commercials....
  • Hey! That's Vancouver in the background! You can't even buy Citroens (new) in Vancouver (can you?). Must be a local animator... BTW, I saw a similar video at Siggraph 2002 in San Antonio with a dancing robot/stereo/computer that had some of Michael Jacksons moves. Can't find a link tho.
  • zedcaster beat me to it. And no, you can't buy Citroens here.
  • And of this great big slice of goodness, also. Was gonna post this myself - saw it on TV tonight, nearly wet meself with pleasure...
  • There's also this old music video of a dancing robot, although it's not a car.
  • pmdboi That's the one! That's the video I saw at Siggraph....Thanks for finding it.
  • And this Mazda one, which lets you step through the animation.
  • *stunned* Okay, that's the coolest thing I have seen this month...
  • I know I've already posted to this thread, but I actually downloaded the file, and viewed it full screen. I'm more in love with this ad than ever. I *heart* citroens now....