November 15, 2004

John Balance dies... Sad news for fans of Coil or Throbbing Gristle...
  • What a buzzkill. The Coil shirt I made is one of my most favorite clothing items of all time. Whenever someone says "Hey, a Coil shirt!" I know instantly that s/he has good taste in music.
  • i've always liked the word "gristle"
  • :*( RIP
  • I was surprised to hear him done in this way. Would have thought the sex and drugs would have done him in much faster. RIP.
  • the first coil track i ever heard was their terrifying version of 'tainted love' (from Scatology. Their peculiarly english blend of occult mysticism, deeply wierd noise, filth, blood and fear (and fucking amazing musicianship) were enough to set them apart from any other art-rock experiment - none of einsturzende neubauten's excursion into actual rock, for example. Their willingness to plumb the depths of history, of magic(k), of the unheimlich regions of our humanity have always left me bewildered and fascinated. A sad loss.
  • Never heard of him. No loss
  • While his death saddens me ... the irony of it amuses me. I guess that is to be expected
  • Never heard of him. No loss. sjbildermann has posted 0 links and 2 comments on MonkeyFilter since April 13, 2004. -- And that was one of them!
  • Wolof: Please, for your safety, do not feed the trolls!
  • While his death saddens me ... the irony of it amuses me. I admit with shame that it was my first thought, but I would never have dared saying it out of respect.