November 15, 2004

Geek Me Up, Scotty - A working Star Trek Communicator that's a bluetooth hands-free device for your cellphone. There's only one, it's a prototype, & don't tell me that you don't want one, because you do, even though it's utterly geeky.

Even tho' I am a sci-fi fan from time immemorial, I eschew such things as collectibles, action figures, etc. However, there are only two things I would gladly possess: a stormtrooper costume & a working communicator like this. That's just the way it is. Make fun of me now.

  • Man, I definitely want one. This is the sort of thing which requires one to not have shame.
  • Very nice, but it will have to wait until I get a holodeck, Nostril.
  • I so wish I'd had this idea. Damn damn damn... {I've got three gmail invites. Mail me at the address in my profile if you'd like one...}
  • I want this so bad I am willing to give a kidney.
  • I'm waiting for them to shrink it into a TNG comm badge. Then I'll geek out on it.
  • Now that's what I call big pimpin'.
  • If you follow the Ebay link and look at the sellers other items, he is a hobbyist who likes stuffing bluetooth headsets into vintage phones. Then he sells them on Ebay! Very creative and entrepenuerial.
  • all I want is a REAL lightsaber.
  • I've vowed never to own a cell phone, but I would buy one of these. Or a Get Smart shoe phone, if they made one.
  • Only if it had the rotary dial, Koko. :)
  • The pain this thing causes in my want-glands is nearly intolerable. Nostril, why must you torture me so!
  • I want the Next Gen one. I want to slap my chest and talk to people, while standing around looking heroic.