January 14, 2004

Children Speak from the Heart A group of eight graders wrote "get well" letters to their heart attack-stricken English teacher. I don't know what was more likely to kill him -- their sentiments or their spelling and grammar. No Child Left Behind Indeed.
  • *cough cough*
  • "eight graders"? Whaddare ya, American you write like that?
  • oh, and it's a funny link and all. I keep on trying for a substitute for [this is good] but all I come up with is [this is monkey]
  • [this is monkey]
  • it's not real, folks. we do know that, right? i mean, americans are stoopid but not THAT dumb
  • A Boy's Head In it there is a space ship and a project for doing away with piano lessons. And there is Noah's ark, which shall be first. And there is an entirely new bird, an entirely new hare, an entirely new bumble-bee. There is a river that flows upward. There is a multiplication table. There is anti-matter. And it just cannot be trimmed. I believe that only what cannot be trimmed is a head. There is much promise in the circumstance that so many people have heads. -- Miroslav Holub, "A Boy's Head", trans Ian Milner
  • Nice Bees. I likey. Pray to jebus that the letters are fake--although it's hard to tell sometimes. Sure wish Bush's "Every Child Left Behind" plan wasn't real.
  • The grammatical implications are staggering.
  • The Granma tickled ones usually collapse in a heap.