January 13, 2004

Baghdad Bob Is Back Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf (aka Baghdad Bob) scored a job doing commentary for Abu Dhabi TV. He also claimed that American forces were "lost in the desert . . . They cannot read a compass . . . They are retarded," and, "There is no presence of the American columns in the city of Baghdad at all. We besieged them and we killed most of them." I'm wondering how soon it will be before he scores a job with the networks.
  • He looked much cooler in a beret. At any rate, he'd make a decent anchor.
  • But he looks so serious now, and, well, corporate. I'd like to know what he's saying - wonder if he will keep from going so far over the top than he did before. If he doesn't, will his new image and venue make his hyperbole more credible (at least to some?)
  • Nice suit. Looks a little like Kissinger, don't he?
  • Afraid that he might sell out path? Besides, we presently choose anchors based on physical appearance (at least lately, check out the networks). Why don't we do it on other superficial levels: like comedy. Anyway, with the advent of online discussion the TV media has lost its value as a primary source of news for me. At least online on forums opponents get a chance to respond.
  • Wonder how many of us rely primarily on the internet for news?
  • It's not enough for me yet, but it's getting there. It's really completely getting there, especially if you live in a town dominated by two Murdoch newspapers. Yes! I live in His Shizness' home town!
  • I met Murdoch very briefly, eek, eight years ago when Fox News was just starting. A calm, assured fellow at the time. My dealings with Fox News might be more interesting.