November 09, 2004

51% Bush and 49% Kerry makes...

I dunno, I probably wouldn't vote for that either.

  • So pretty!
  • Mookie needs to set their mimey-typey.
  • O GOD! disturbingly sane looking...whatever happened?!
  • Mookie needs to set their mimey-typey. posted by ryoshu at 08:15PM UTC on November 09
    Quick! Somebody call DiveIntoMark! Oh, wait, it seems that he has gone on hiatus.
  • Creepy.
  • Looks a bit like David Schwimmer 25 years older.
  • Who do you see first when you look at the picture? I see Kerry, until I take a second look. Jeblis your are right it is sorta creepy.
  • My brain no likey.
  • no honestly, that has got to be the best montage i've ever seen.
  • Yes, technically iumpressive -- but otherwise off-putting.
  • I thought I could detect just a bit of Nader around the ears.
  • In the future, all elections would be decided by transporter accidents such as these...
  • "..transporter accidents.." *spit take* *laughing* *cleaning screen*
  • There was nothing you could have done, Rand. It wasn't your fault.
  • I'd fuck him.
  • is that the love child of tom brokaw and chevy chase?
  • summat wrong wi' me eyes. I still see Kerry with grey hair.