November 05, 2004

After You (Quicktime.) [Via Dong Resin's Screenhead.]
  • applauds. )
  • wow. that was so cool. I think they should do one about the little dance people tend to do when they accidently almost collide on a pavement.
  • heheh. Love that.
  • Brilliant!
  • Wow--that was hysterical. I did a quick google on Christopher Cordingly, the director, and discovered that he got second place at the Academy of Televison Arts And Sciences student awards. So remember that name. Based on this clip, Mr. Cordingly has a Nick-Park-level ability to say volumes with a single facial expression. I predict big things from him. Fans of computer animation might also want to check out the very funny Alien Song, whose creator has since gone on to work for Pixar.
  • Excellent !
  • That was really great. It's amazing how far student animation has come - this is leagues better than even most professional grade 3d work coming out six or so years ago. And I also agree that it's all about the facial expressions, which were eerily good.
  • Very cool.
  • Brilliant stuff. You're right about the Nick Park thing, jacobw - though I thought there was also something very Pixar-ish about it as well (faces by Nick Park, arm movements by Pixar?). For a little compare and contrast, John Lasseter's good old Luxo Jr from 1986.
  • lovely.
  • Handsomely done. Thanks, homunculus. ...when Isador not a door...
  • Sweet! Hard to pull off that sort of bare-bones computer animation. :D