November 05, 2004

Delicious Data: Pioneer Electronics has developed a polymer based on corn that can act as a removable media, or a cd. No decisions as to whether or not they will market it, or what exactly the purpose is in the first place.
  • I think it is designed for the upcoming Bluray format, or it can be used for media used for the Bluray format. We're a disposable culture, so anything that improves the biodegradability of these discs is good. I'd say 90%+ of all discs currently made end probably up in the landfill with a year or two.
  • is there anything corn cannot do? oh great spirit, bless this maize and the information it provides
  • No Frankengene CDs! No Frankengene CDs! (etc)...
  • Why, it's for Korn CDs.
  • cornhole!!!in a galaxy near you
  • I am Cornholio.
  • This is cool, btw.
  • Porn on corn? Sounds tasty.
  • Why, it's for Korn CDs. Will you be here all week? What special should I try and which waitress do I tip?