November 05, 2004

MPAA is out fo' yo' ass! what will i do with my high-speed connection now? i can't download music -OR- movies? next thing they'll tell me it's "illegal" to download and crack software. the internets blow big time.

*can you come up with any suggestions/reasons i should keep paying too much for a high-speed connection?* (and no, i don't play online games.)

  • From the article: Dan Glickman, the new President of the MPAA, stated that "Illegal movie trafficking represents the greatest threat to the economic basis of movie-making in its 110-year history." I thought the biggest threat to the movie industry was television. I also like that they're not explaining how this grave threat has resulted in record-high profits and ticket sales.
  • clouds, I think you may have mistaken MoFi for a warez group.
  • i don't own any why would i join a warez group? if it makes it better, i offer this as a consolation. ahhhh...
  • ahhh...
  • i am truly humbled...i bow down to your kitten supremacy.
  • MPAA can go fuck themselves.
  • Barn. Horse. Adapt or die.
  • There're a lot of legal bytes out there too. (e.g.)
  • I'm nowhere nearly smart enough or patient enough to do the actual research or back up my intuitions with facts (darn you, pesky facts), but I think this, too, is just another wasted effort. A small minority of people have the time and patience and the resources to really fileshare away profits that may or may not exist. The vast majority woould rather spend our precious time not spent on work or cleaning up the house or looking after the kids or worrying about the bills/retirement/AuntJane'sDiabetes actually having fun. The kids can and will download movies, but they're idiots, because they also like going to the movies, because those are free too (even if asking mom and dad for money works only 20% of the time, it still works 20% of the time and it surely isn't work compared to the crap you go through to pay the mortgage). The college kids also download movies, but they too are idiots, because they also go the movies. I blame this on beer and hormones. And the adults? Too busy working. And are you really going to spend your precious time watching suboptimal video on your computer, after spending time downloading them? With your kids? You'll just buy the darn DVD, or rent it, like millions of others. If you're really cheap, and you'll settle for suboptimal video, then you'll just buy the bootleg dvd off the street. Cheap, easy, nearly disposable. So, all you do is save some minor profits that may or may not exist, piss off customers (like me, who will never ever spend my own money to buy a CD ever again), and crush that innovative technology which will, I'm sure, lead to another format revolution in 20 years, which also happens to be where fat profits often resides. And the lawyers get rich, which can't be a good thing.
  • This MPAA development, to me, feels like walking past an old man sitting atop a pile of rotten apples, yelling at me not to touch them. I liked the apples in days past when they were fresher and tasted better, but it's a rotting pile protected by a crusty, insane man. A few vendors in town peddle some exotic berries and kiwis, but most folks want the rotten apples, and the old man is starting to yell out at anybody that crosses him. OK, I'm up past my bedtime.
  • Is it going to be RIAA style where a team of lawyers threatens you, based on some flimsy 'evidence', if you fight it? This isn't 'new' they have been sending cease and desist orders to people in the USA, Canada*, UK and elsewhere for ages now, they have a right to, it is their intellectual property and it is theft. Maybe the 'new' in this is what they are going to do next. As for cracked software online, geez you mean I don't have to pay Adobe for photoshop? Damn, Adobe is trying to screw me! <-- sarcasm *one of my personal fav's is the MPAA sent a Canadian a cease and desist order citing violations of the DMCA - heh ps: I'm huge proponent of p2p technology but definitely not impressed with the RIAA et al and their politiking, and goon-like tactics
  • Uh, is the MPAA aware that software for copying DVD movies using a computer that's not even connected to the internet is available for free? Further, is the MPAA aware that municipal library systems are rapidly building up collections of DVD movies which can also be checked out for free? Just for overkill, is the MPAA aware that 200 gig hard drives go for as little as $50 these days?