November 05, 2004

Linky: Just a quick note to LA locals - last minute meet up at Musso & Franks, 7:30 tonight.

Hope to see you there!

  • My bet is that about 15 guys show up for this.
  • Well I'm one of them.
  • Will Matt, though?
  • Well, it's been a long time since I indulged in drinkin 'n postin but here I am. I can heartily recommend Musso & Frank's for their bloody mary's & screwdrivers as a cure for the election day blues, to say nothing of the spectacular company of squidranch & mandyman. To all you LA monkey's who didn't show up, more's the pity. As soon as I figure out how to post pix from my camera phone, I'll hook ya'll up. I turn you over to Mandyman. xoxo
  • Space Kitty wore her glasses, that's all I'm sayin'. Meeeooowww.
  • Heterosexual male mofi members, you are losers!!!!! I am rich with the company of lovely monkettes! More info tomorrow morning! um, that's all.
  • *sniffs, is lonely stuck over here with #2 and his new PS2*
  • I'll be swinging through the South Island around Christmas. Christchurch meetup?
  • I'm so down for that. I believe yentrouc (or is it Court3nay? I get the two confused, sorry) is in Christchurch too. Where's vitalorgnz?
  • Sure, ya had to do this while I was locked in my writer's garret processing responses to my work-related Curious George. I was going to offer up a seat at a movie preview next week ("Finding Neverland" with Johnny Depp, two days before the formal opening) to a local monkey, but apparently you're all ashamed to be seen with me in public... pout... pout... :-<
  • Wendell, stop pouting man! You would have been in the company of the lovely Space Mandy and Kittyman, but would have unfortunaty had seen me turning three shades of green after only my second martini. Musso martini's are not your run of the mill martini, more like a triple anywhere else. We had a great time nonetheless and ate cheap, delicious Thai food at Sanamulung on East Hollywood Blvd to sop up the poison. We're thinkin' another meetup at yet another LA classic joint soon. You have any preferences Wendel?
  • Living in the Valley and not drinking, the closest thing I have to "classic joints" are In-n-Out Burger locations. (And being allergic to peanuts, Thai food tends to scare me without proper supervision...)
  • OK, you had a meet-up again. But, without pictures?!?
  • Space Kitty might have snapped a couple on her cell cam. Let us wait and see...
  • Did I mention that I tried to drive squidranch's stick? But it was hard to turn and I didn't know how to get it going in reverse. He finally took over and drove it himself while space kitty and I watched.
  • Euphamism of the week: "drive squidranch's stick". I know. Dirty mind. Must be behind on my meds.
  • It pulled a little to the right.
  • Well, I went over a month without spewing Cherry Coke on my new laptop, but that streak just ended, candycan.
  • It pulled a little to the right. Squidranch drives the country?
  • Squidranch has reverse?
  • Don't blame last Tuesday on me the_bone. .esrever evah od I, sey dnA
  • Squiddy, does it hurt when you do that?
  • Not if I am properly lubricated.
  • Sadly, until I find a USB cord to download the single solitary pic from my camera phone, we are without. Next meetup at Irv's Burgers?
  • Irv's is OK, but do I have to carry a sign and be on the TV News? 'Cause, back in the '70s, I appeared on George Putnam's 10 O'Clock News where I performed my trademarked "Ground Level Tightrope Walking Act". (Another Wendell Anecdote... don't have a Meetup without it) And doesn't Chriss's t-shirt design show banana with a USB plug? Universal Serial Banana...