November 05, 2004

Curious George: What are the useful tags for commenting and posting here on mofi?
  • sheeeeit. sorry.
  • Is there a quote system, or are italics just the norm? Also, how does one do a link that goes to a comment, instead of just the page?
  • Click on the time stamp.
  • I guess now's as good a time as any to ask: what is "trackback" for?
  • i suggest the opener with a closer. It signifies that whatever you just said should be re-alound in a pirate voice.
  • At maximum volume, of course.
  • Technically it allows us to see if another blog is linking to MoFi. But from what I know, you need to enter what blog *might* link to MoFi and put it in the trackback box. So, it's sort of weird. I don't know how Mefi's works.
  • For the lazy. ;-)
  • Tracicle, is there any reason you don't allow image linking (other than that we are often silly monkeys and it might get out of hand)?
  • Actually trackback is supposed to be the link another blog would use to link a post to a specific MoFi post. Sort of a remote comment. Don't know if MetaPhilter actually displays Trackbacks or not, but they normally come up like comments, usually at the bottom, in most CMS type systems. Entering what blog might link to MoFi seems odd, and definitely not a good implementation of it in MetaPhilter if that is the case.
  • Yes, but the FAQ doesn't tell us about those mysterious card suits that keep popping up in the comments of the tech savvy.
  • ♥ ♠ ♣ don't know how to do diamonds . . .
  • toohep, if you survive the silliness here and just keep looking and watching you will learn most of your answers. Believe it or not I knew even less than I do today when I first started posting here. Does that help?
  • I stood in the ☁ with an ☂ in order to ☑. Unfortunately, the ☩ party won. Now it's four years of being a downtrodden ♙. ☠☠☠ ☹
  • Jerry Garcia, it's because I'm a horrible, horrible person. I did explain why in the "Curious, George: ponies" thread, but I'm also lazy and hence can't be bothered digging up the link to the comment. To be honest, I know little to nothing about trackback, Pivo, so you are in fact probably right. The metaphilter engine came with no instructions. :) And I've never used it before, so don't know much about it. Google would certainly answer my and rolypolyman's questions about it, I'm sure.
  • ♦ is kind of a sad, lumpy-lookin' little diamond. Oh well. I happened to look this up last night, so I may as well spread the annoying glee, I s'pose. ∞ ooh. At place-that-is-not-home I'm one of those people who can't see these characters anyway. Heh.
  • how would I go about actually displaying diamonds? Do I use [], <>, or what?
  • Well, tracicle, I want my money back!
  • tracicle's explanation. I'd also kind of like to see images one in a while. Offsite images are the way to go as they don't add to the existing bandwidth for MoFi and don't require any space in the DB. If people follow a few simple rules like no huge images (>15k?), only link to images on sites that you operate, and use the size option for the img tag there shouldn't be many performance/editorial problems. And for people with slow connections, a "no images in comments" option would probably do the trick. The ability to use the img tag doesn't seen to be abused on MeFi, so with that as a model I think it's safe to say that images wouldn't get abused here.
  • toohep, rtfm.
  • Mexican- toohep can't see any diamonds on this page. Neither can I.
  • Not quite sure what rtfm means, but I can see the symbols displayed, I just can't get my tags to make them work when I preview. (read the fucking manual?)
  • I am against img, but I think the HTML fragment supported by MoFi can be safely extended with at least the following: big, code, pre, abbr, q.
  • This one might be useful...someday... if it worked. But it doesn't work/ It has never worked. So I pretend it doesn't exist.
  • I can see the diamonds, etc, but don't know how to do 'em from my Mac. I am teh N00b!
  • The ability to use the img tag doesn't seen to be abused on MeFi Mexican: Perhaps because it's a little known and esoteric type of knowledge? Such as tags on MoFi used to be./snark Toohep, why? Why? Oh,WHY? Did you unleash the unholy occultism of The Tag? Now everybody and his simian will be using the darn things.
  • The ace of ♠s, the ace of ♠s! /Motörhead. Doh! Thanks Wurwilf!
  • Yea, bees, I know what you're speekin' about. underline underline Neither does that underwear
  • Is there a quote system, or are italics just the norm? Also, how does one do a link that goes to a comment, instead of just the page? posted by toohep at 12:10AM UTC on November 05 toohep: in addition to the HTML on the faq page, there is a habit (on mefi and mofi) of using italics when quoting someone, because it sets the text clearly apart. For replying to a specific person, I like to mention their name, and perhaps bold it, so that they don't miss it. (It's also fun to search the comments and find out when you've been talked about.) General responses are just part of the big conversation. To link to a specific comment, you can right-click on the time of their post, and open in a different window. That URL will link to their comment - your comment above, for instance, is
  • there a quote system... Ye must improvise like the rest of us. Textual unity is over-rated, a goal to be desired,...perhaps...but never attained. Let every lines speak for itself and devil damn the hindmost! Long live Monkeybashi!
  • Sometime we may blockquote
    things we have snipped from elsewhere, but in fact I think we use that less than most
    other places. Basically, italic quotes from other members, use usernames, always write the word fuckbiscuits in bold, ♥ people, don't ♣ people, and beyond that make it up as you go along. What bees said. If in doubt, use the magic tags. They will transform your text into whatever you wanted it to look like, and will also spellcheck, fact check and render your post in prose of such astonishing beauty that it can make peasants and kings weep alike. ♦ ♥ ♠ ♣
  • Hmm, flashboy, howzat blockquote thingy work?
  • fuckbiscuits
  • ♣ This looks like an "a" with a hat, a trademark sign, and a pound sign (as in money) to me. How do I fix this? Also, what is cockpunch?
  • Jerry - writy the word blockquote inna , and
    you're laughing.
    Then stop the blockquoting in the usual /manner. On preview: ah, the cockpunch question. I'll let somebody else take this one, and retire for a swift glass of the good stuff myself.
  • ...what is cockpunch? Bend over and I'll show you.
  • Don't forget to sprinkle nonsense liberally throughout your comments!
  • I'm also one of these people who, for whatever reason, can't see the suit symbols. (I run Firefox on Linux with a currently flaky font server. :( ) Hence, it always shows up as ``I copyright NY'', frinstance. However, all of the pictograms in fuyugare's post showed up. Damn that Otto von Bismarck!
  • Ah, "cockpunch" is a magical spell long lost in our memory. We still call it up occasionally when frightened by bad omens. But, as an elder, I do remember that it was used early in our history and was more celebratory than scary. If we ever get our memory back, I suggest you read the early archives.
  • okay, really. How do I do that?
  • "Code" works, btw.
  • you'll want a &, then the word spades, then one of theose ; thingys. So & spades ; but without the spaces. ♠ and there you are. Oh, and I feel I should just say, while we're on it - I ♥ Huckabees is one of the great films of our age. Thank you.
  • ♠ ...oh. Thanks all, I appreciate it it.
  • Ah... I am a little less...
    Teh N00b!
    Thanks flashboy! But typink "blockqutoe" is going to a beitch when I've *hic* had a few... general
  • Is, like, <code> working? Well, it seems so!@#
  • Cock punch: A mystic and some would say mythic drink, composed of highly refined and airy spirits mixed with a cup of pure and blushful Hippocrene, a whiff of peat smoke, a dab of sweet nothings, and a drap of blast-your-eyes Blarney, juice of a single pressing from a clucurrans berry and the wringings of a darned lucky sock, thus con-cock-ting a beverage of unparalled delight, yes, one glass makes all mortal men into sages and wits and liars of immense and shameless stature, all women become goddesses and angels with the Final Arbiter's powers to utter the Last Lovely Word, and from the consumption of which no monkey ever, ever suffers a hangover.
  • What? Blink doesn't work?! This is an outrage! I demand a recount! *storms out in a huff* But not before using his favorite tag *hugs [small][/small]*
  • One day, blink will work. And when that day comes, I'll be ready!!!
  • Occasionally, the image tag does get abused, but the abuser is usually shamed, scorned and rapped across the knuckles with a cyber-ruler. *hides scars on knuckles* And by abuse, I mean large pictures or a bunch of pictures in one thread. Stealing bandwidth is a more serious crime and the punishment is more severe. And I'll proudly show my scar-free ass to prove I've never done it.
  • I like the idea ... Spooky, you rock!
  • The most useful tag is "liberal". Acquire it early, and you'll have a long and successful career as a MoFista. The next most useful tags are, in decreasing order, "cute", "funny", "single", and "gracious". Collect all five, and I guarantee that you'll be rolling in fandom in no time. Some people have had reasonable successes with "silly", "angry", "conservative", "admin", and perhaps "old", but these are not recommended for a beginner. Worst of the lot are "redundant", "unfunny", and "troll"; I can tell you this because I've tried them and failed to impress even the church mice.
  • I use this tag at every opportunity; Dude! Check my Dukes of Hazzard screensaver! And yet, I am single. I'm taking my Duran Duran vinyl collection and Hello Kitty pasties and going home.
  • A true ironic hipster would have separate screensavers for Bo, Luke, the General Lee, and Daisy. Personally I have the Roscoe P. Coltrane desktop wallpaper. I wish, that would be cool. *goes off in other direction to listen to Broadway musical vinyls*
  • What? Blink doesn't work?! This is an outrage! I demand a recount!
    as soon as this is available, I am SOOOO there
  • I'm taking my Duran Duran vinyl collection and Hello Kitty pasties and going home. That's vinyl outfits, not records....right mj?
  • I have absolutely nothing to contribute here. That's all I wanted to say.
  • For what it's worth, the doohickeys (like ♥ - note: "doohickeys" is not a technical term) might get destroyed on preview. I'm not exactly sure. I've seen comments to that effect on That Other Fi.
  • I think that the plural of doohickey is doohickii. Or maybe doöhickiï. Anyway. They do die on preview, becoming client-specific. There was a lengthy and pointy-headed thread on all of the doöhickiï a few months ago, but it seems to have been flushed. Alas.
  • Doohiceax.
  • goetter- what do you think this is, The Atlantic or something? since our esteemed overlord is a Kiwi, it's much more like the Pacific, so we definitely need our own whatsit for double vowels. I vote for grave. now if she was Australian, it'd have to be a ~. Waltzing ma ~, waltzing ma ~....
  • take one one cicada in the leaves subtracting silence now take away the leaves remove the sound one cry re
  • Oh beeswacky, that's just lovely. Can't you please publish an anthology or something?
  • Christophine, if I recall correctly, wanted to do something of the sort, mothninja, so you might ask her what's going on with it.
  • I'm just sure the plural of dohickey is dohicken. Don't forget to use your close tags, people.
  • i get a general problem on internet explorer 6 failing to acknowledge the encoding="UTF-8" instruction at the start of mofi pages. the result is that ie (on encoding = autoselect) renders the pages as windows encoded. so in ie, a spade is an "a circumflex" beside "superscripted trademark symbol" i don't see this problem in firefox or opera.
  • Weeeelllll, OK. ...that's very interesting, Roryk. I don't understand it, but it is interesting. Let's just leave this tag open, shall we?
  • So we're playing tag on monkeyfilter now are we? you're it! *runs away*
  • ...dohicken...>/i> So there it stood, a critter like no other, with all four hooves bunched together as it teerered on the hood of my truck and opened its great beak and clucked.