November 04, 2004

Afro-Ufo: "Black people aren't supposed to see this freaky space shit. It's always hillbillies."
  • Aw man... I was hopin they'd have some footage of the freaky space shit. Maybe it'll be on TV tonight...
  • ha...that's funny.
  • The Mothership has landed.
  • Call mouldier and scullery.
  • What comedian was it (Eddie Murphy?) who said that you never see a haunted house movie with black people. He said if a ghostly voice said "GET OUT" the black people had enough common sense to get out of there. The white people though would hang around at least until someone died.
  • That was Eddie. And then he appeared in Haunted Mansion. Eli eli lama sabachthani!
  • UFO stuff is generally seen in rural areas where black people are less likely to live. Black people are typically more fearful of the police and are less likely to call them if they see something.
  • Actually there are quite a few rural blacks throughout the Southeast... seems like prime UFO country too.
  • In the rural Southeast, we see a lot more of those pesky anthropomorphic reptiles.
  • Black people spotting UFO's now? Well, it proves they now have equal access to neurosis. Cool. Dr. King would be proud.
  • Um, how about black people who made their way to Earth via UFOs ? Cue the Arkestra
  • Well, we all know you can't believe everything you see and hear, can you? Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be on my way...
  • I'm banking the UFO has Deltron 3030 on board, come to rescue everyone from the Republican lunacy that's swept the country.
  • That's one beautiul Lizard Man, Token Meme .
  • Everybody knows that space aliens are green. Black people are cool with that. White people are the ones that get all uptight when the aliens want to sit in the front of the UFO. /political incorrectness
  • What about time-aliens? What colours are they?
  • BlueHorse, that was some funny shit.