November 04, 2004

Click here My civic duty fulfilled, I can now return to drooling over the promise of playing Halo 2. Over 'n out.
  • I am about to buy X-Box just to check out that game...people are lauding about it like it's the second coming or something (no pun intended) ^_^
  • I hear the ending's a huge disappointment, not sure what the reviewers meant by that. But I couldn't care less. At least I have something to take the sting of the recent loss off of my heart. November 8, 11:59 PM my ass in going to be freezing in front of the Game Stop in Park Slope!!! w00t!
  • So, D-Base6, you're admitting that the rumors are false that W. dates men? :)
  • Tommy Vercetti dies at the end.
  • Four more days. Dammit!! I envy you, Kiwis, even if you won't even bother playing the game.
  • Be a Uniter, not a Divider. Tell your Democratic Senators and Representatives that we want them to fight and filibuster whenever necessary. the Kettle
  • We just bought the new PS2 - it's so dinky! Next: purchase GTA: San Andreas. Woo!
  • And one week after that, Half-Life 2. Goodbye, cruel world.