November 04, 2004

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For a long time now I've felt that one of the main problems with our government is the fact that it has become so distanced from the people (even moreso lately). When I first heard about this site, I was extremely impressed, and had one of those after-the-fact "it seems so obvious now" moments. However, this site is only for the UK, and I haven't heard any talk of anyone making something similar for the US. If I knew anything about making a website, I would try to do it, but it seems like with the sheer number of US bloggers concerned about politics out there, there should be a couple of people willing to do something like this. It seems like such a simple idea, having a website where people could quickly see what's being voted on, how their representatives are voting, and past/upcoming issues. This accompanied with appropriate links, e-mail addresses, and the ability to leave comments would help to start bringing people back into the process... and hopefully over time could gain enough legitimacy for politicians to use it as a resource to see what their constituents are saying.

  • I feel that this site is kind of on a similar track, but a bit unintuitive and daunting to use. Also, it seems that they're more interested in just preparing people for elections, not necessarily keeping them informed, and I much agree with Petebest's sentiments in this earlier post. Democracy only works if people are informed, which is a fact that seems to be well-known by this administration, as shown by the way they limit information available to the public like a deranged squirrel guarding its sole acorn. I don't know... sorry for the long-windedness of this post, but I just needed something to pour my post-election energy into. America has so much potential... I just hate seeing it squandered.
  • It's a good concept but: a) no one reads websites, and b) Americans don't believe any rumours they hear on the internets. However, if such a site were to exist (or be created), I would love to be a part of it. You have my standing offer of help if you want to start this site.
  • I'm sure I've read about an attempt to explicitly copy TheyWorkForYou for America - but I can't find the reference any more, so I don't know if they were talking about Project Vote Smart or not. But, if that's not it, then there's one on the way... er... that could have been more helpful, I feel.
  • Check, like, boingboing. That's where I heard of it first. That and Carla Sinclair's playboy appearance.
  • ...which is exactly where I just found it. boingboing:Bingo!
  • The ACLU keeps track of scary-ass wingnut legislation and makes it easy to send letters to congressautons. Join and give 'em some money. We're going to need their help in the next 4 years.
  • I take it the "internets" are the new "Intarweb." On a more serious note, I'd like something like this - I feel ignorant when I walk into the booth and they are asking about retaining Judge this and Commissioner that - and I know nothing about them.
  • Well, seeing as this post is about to fall off of the front page, I don't know if anyone will come back to it, but I thought I'd comment anyway. Fuyugare- I think if done correctly, plenty of people would read it... it would just need to be done in a way that makes it easy for everyone to understand, and easy to use. I really appreciate your offering help, too. Flashboy- I thought I had read something similar on boingboing as well, but now I know. Hopefully this guy can pull it off... Why isn't this a bigger deal? Are people helping him? shinything- I think the ACLU is definitely good to have around, but I think the ACLU should be the LAST line of defense, something that people can turn to when there is no other option. I guess I was thinking more along the lines of something more for everyday use, a casual website for important things. I guess I'd like for it to be something completely new, too, without any previous connotations, as there are people out there that detest the ACLU. I guess I'm not sure if the guy in flashboy's link has entirely the same idea, either... It seems he's going for more of a database type thing, where I'd like to have a community weblog/database thing.