January 11, 2004

Daily Show Great parody on the Daily Show of how silly the coverage of Howard Dean has gotten (and I'm saying that as someone who thinks Dean will loose to Bush if he's nominated).
  • what the hell protocol is rtsp?
  • I'm not sure, but that was hilarious. Cheers.
  • It wouldn't work with http. It must be strictly for Real Player.
  • Holy poo, look at the URL on that thing!
  • Dean will loose to Bush if he's nominated Agreed.
  • That was really good. Most of the Daily Show stuff is. I dunno, I think Dean may be the best chance we have against Bush. That's an aside from the funniness of the clip though. Anybody catch this week's SNL with the other candidates sniping at Dean? "A few weeks from now, the Republicans are going to be telling you Dean has no experience. We're telling you the same thing now, pay attention dammit!"...something like that anyway.
  • Ah, to look back from the future...hard to believe it's 2006 already.
  • T'aint.