November 03, 2004

Researching the_bone's AD200 election results. I found some interesting carrot facts. Purple carrots! Carrots for your hair! Carrots in art

Carrot beginnings and wild carrots. Howard Hughes always measured every carrot he ate.

  • Yeah, purple is the carrot's natural colour. The orange ones were bred up as a Dutch gimmick.
  • I swear this damn internet thingy(or could be a homeland securrity plant)is watching every move I make. Tonight, just on a whim, I made a baked carrot/onion pizza. (bake carrots first of course)
  • I wish it was more simple to to find old school carrots at the grocery. And I've never heard of a carrot pizza before.
  • carrots! (flash, and lots of love)
  • (if anyone can translate that song a little, that would be great. I love it, but have no idea what they are singing when it's not English)
  • (for the non-cognoscenti: the AD 200 thing was from an offhand comment I made in #mofirc last night) This link is wonderful. Thank you for this, tellurian. (Oh, and you joined MoFi on my birthday! Rad!) Another carrot (flash, from chrid's site)
  • Oh, redhead, redhead, gingerbread-head, Carrots, freckles, strawberry blonde-head. There's a white horse, hang your head! Oh, why wasn't I born a blond? --refrain, vaudeville song, c early 1900s