November 02, 2004

SAVE THE BURGER! Hola my little monos, I just wanted to keep you up on my pet project, Irv's Burgers. You might remember that I posted something here a few months ago about the possibility that Irv's, a West Hollywood institution, would be bulldozed and replaced with Peet's Coffee franchise. Well, it's getting harder and harder for them to do so.

As a member of the "burger brigade" (I hate that name) I am pleased how things are going. We have a meeting with the Peet's folks tomorrow night. Keep your fingers crossed.

  • Good luck! I'll keep fingers, toes and limbs crossed. There are a few institutions in Vancouver I dearly miss that have been bulldozed over. One is the Aristrocratic, (was a great greasy spoon in its heyday) which later became a Chapters bookstore - ick.
  • Way to fight the man, Squiddy! (you might want to take the picture of the squirting squid to the meeting as a way of reminding Peets what happens when you enrage a squid).
  • PeetBest? (couldn't resist. go squid!)
  • Hey Wendell, since you are a local, treat yourself to a pure, uncut shot of cholesterol. Get the number 2. Double cheese, double beef. My personal fav.
  • Cheers, Squiddles! Fingers, toes and prehensile tail all crossed. Just a thought, can't Irv's sell Peet's products in their restaurant? A sort of compromise?
  • Double cheese, double beef *ecstatic swoon* Not enough places like this in the world, squid. Best of luck. Give us some good news, I hope.
  • Shiny, Yeah, that's already on the table. But they want the whole property for their store. Mucho mas $$$. Thanks for the props Alnedra. BTW, Wendell and all the other LA simians, we're thinkin' a Mussos meet up, real soon to celebrate Kerry's victory. Can I get a witness?!?!!!
  • Little monos?
  • It's Spanish for Monkey. But you knew that already.
  • I'd keep my fingers crossed if I wasn't so busy flipping off Peets Coffee. Your coffee tastes like shit Peet!
  • This has nothing whatsoever to do with this thread, but I HATE GEORGE BUSH!!! *wipes brow* There, that's better.
  • Hey, squid! I saw Irv's on the news last night, but I didn't see you! I expect more publicity whoring (and try wearing a t-shirt with "" on it when they interview you).
  • Where'd you see it Wendell? I was on chanel 11 for a couple of seconds and they also showed a video piece that I did for the preservation.
  • Hey all, One of my friends on the "burger brigade" is going to be doing a quick interview on KFI in about 15 minutes about our cause celebre. Give it a listen.
  • I'm sorry, I have a standing grudge with KFI since they fired my radio mentor in 1977... More StimulatingSimulated Talk Radio...
  • Just noticed this in today's LA Times - Now Serving Elation to Fans, Irv's Burgers' cultural resource designation caps its supporters' yearlong campaign to save the threatened West Hollywood stand. The print edition has some photos of Irv's.
  • You beat me to it. Thanks for posting this Guava.