November 02, 2004

Curious George: .wav cutter? I need a freeware or (low cost) shareware .wav editor - any ideas?

I have some digital recordings that are too big to fit on a CD, and I need to cut 'em up into chunks. That's it - no special effects, no fancy-ass gimcrackery, just take a big .wav and chop it into little .wavs. I'm looking for an easy-to-figure-out editor that I can find for download that's not going to cost me a lot of dough...?

  • Audacity? Haven't used it myself yet, but came across it the other day and it looks quite nice.
  • SoX
  • second Audacity - free, easy to use, cross platform.
  • Third for Audacity...handles large files well too.
  • Well, Audacity is fine, but you can get Goldwave on a limited trial & it is a quality piece of software. It won't introduce artifacts into your files, or nasty clipping.
  • I'll fourth for Audacity. It's pretty decent, all things considered. Not perfect, but it will do a lot of basic stuff pretty well.
  • Audacity it is! Downloading now. You guys are awesome, thanks much.
  • Clockwork Orang Pendek, I used to use Goldwave, but I got tired of the shareware reminders....but agreed, it is a quality piece of software.
  • As a second recommendation, I use CD Wave Editor - it was designed specifically to cut up wave files, and it very easy to use. The best thing about it is that it doesn't leave pops or clicks at the end of the wave files.