November 02, 2004

Bananaphone makes you insane - You know that song 'bananaphone'? The one that goes round your head til you .. well .. exactly what happens in this FLASH toon. NSFW - sweary words - violence - bananaphone
  • It's already in my head, and I haven't even clicked the link. (Raffi rocks). Thanks, Nostril. Ring ring ring ring ring! Bananaphone!
  • i have been looking forever to get that as my ringtone on my cel phone. i managed to get the spoken word version from boingboing today. does anyone know where to get the regular version or how to make your own ringtones for sprint phones?
  • Being a Kindergarten teacher, Raffi is an occupational hazard for me. Last week my class listened to "Brush Your Teeth" 30+ times. I was singing it in my sleep! Anyway, I have made my peace with bananaphone and moved on to badgerphone [flash].
  • I've never heard of that song. I don't own a mobile phone. Flash animation does nothing for me. But that was riotously funny.
  • The badgers are even worse. And will be a big giant hit at work tomorrow.
  • Death to Bananaphone! I mean Videodrome! Long live the new flash! Flesh! Whatever...
  • I sincerely hope that another apology thread is forthcoming.
  • AARRGGHH! I had just about forgotten that damn song and now it's back in my head again.
  • It's Peanutbutterjellytime! Did that help?
  • Hearing the spoken word bananaphone almost cut through my torpor and made me craft some Flashness to go with it. Almost.
  • Where can you see lions? Only in Kenya! Come to Kenya, we've got lions! (Forget Norway!)
  • God am I ever glad I don't have speakers.
  • So the way I read it, first he "peeled out" then he and his buds did cookies and peeled out, and then he was yelling crap about white supremacy. What a maroon! He needs to be stripped of his uniform and drummed out of the Banana Core. ?! Bananas Represent. Yellow Rules!!