November 02, 2004

Presidential race ends in tie, leaving final result uncertain. In the midst of election irregularities (blamed on the incumbent), results show a deeply divided nation. The challenger, running on a platform of withdrawing troops from Iraq and strengthening foreign relations with Europe, opposed an incumbent government that has put the country on a path away from European alliances and towards stronger ties with Russia.

Some Western poll watchers have condemned the elections as not meeting international standards.

  • Who's with me in pledging no sleep 'til the final recount is over? Nah, I thought so. :)
  • No matter where the election takes place, of course.
  • This seems to be a multi-turn election system, so it's not immediatly problematic. It could, however, be quite disastrous come the second turn on nov. 21.
  • good news for the insane - If I though not sleeping would change anything, I'd be there.
  • For the US election, of course. Really should read the post before commenting.
  • Yes, well, I was more or less ready for something like this, except that I never expected that the breaking vote would come from a micro-state on a Micronesian island that had been secretly annexed as the 51st US state in 2003. Or...?...Oh, I'm sorry.
  • Punk'd!
  • I didn't read the article, but isn't a little premature to call what's going to happen after the US presidential election, which to the best of my knowledge is the only election this link could possibly be talking about?
  • the meh, reading the article might be a good idea. fuyugare - good link, thanks.
  • Um... you might want to read the article.
  • Jb/languagehat: I refuse to read the article, instead choosing to judge it based only what is clearly implied by the link text. On a more serious note, Ukraine's been fucked for a long time, and I don't just say that because Stalin killed most of my family there. It's hard to imagine living in a society where the corruption is so aggressive and blatant, rather than the (mostly) warmed over and hidden form it takes here in North America.
  • Mostly warmed over? Thanks for the perspective, 'cause it was beginning to seem quite hot to me, right here right now! On secind thot: I ain't 'maginin' nuthin'! Annie, get yer gun!
  • ...reading the article might be a good idea. While you're waiting for your election results.
  • UkrainianElectionFilter
  • UkrainianElectionFilter I am so offended by this blatant waste of front page real estate. Doesn't this shit cost anything where you people come from? Think about the trees of the Ukraine! For why do they die? Answer: they're all getting pulled up to provide landfill for all the computers that need burying.
  • WHAT. THE. FUCK. Wolof?
  • Waht. The SMEG. GAMERA?
  • MonkeyFilter: friend to all children.
  • The opposition has now charged the incumbent in Parliament with wholesale fraud. Each side has also begun to officially court the Communist and Socialist parties which together won 11 percent of the vote.
  • Kerry wins by slimmest margin; Bush refused to vacate the White House in January. When Kerry comes in to take residence, Bush is seated in the Oval Office, refusing to move. Kerry goes in with his secret service, Bush sits there with his, Mexican standoff. Then Bush pulls out a pistol and assassinates Kerry, leaving the stunned secret service guys not knowing what to do--should they draw on President Bush and take him down as an armed assassin? But he's the former President! One agent draws on him, leading another agent to shoot the first agent. Finally someone tackles Bush and he is taken out to prison. A stunned natin sees VP Edwards sworn in as president the same day Kerry was. Cheney escapes in a helicopter, laughing maniacally, promising to wreak his vengeance upon them all. I'm working on the screenplay.
  • How about The Last Smirk as a title? (I'll let you know where you can send the royalty checks later.)
  • fuyugare: 1 TenaciousPettle: 0 : )
  • Feel not unhappy, for I too was pwned by this FPP. And I'm smarter than all of you obdurate something something.
  • You kids today are too easily pwned.
  • (FYI all, i'll post polling stuff as i receive it in the THE BIG FAT THREAD FOR THE ELECTIONS)