November 01, 2004

"My name is Mike. ... I grew my hair from age 16 to age 35 without ever really getting a haircut other than a few trims. I reached what I believe was my terminal length of hair. At my longest my hair was almost to my ankles. My ex had long hair too almost to her waist. One day she decided to cut her hair and got a very short syled perm..." AND THEN...
  • Bloody hippie.
  • creepy
  • Hair that long on anyone just isn't attractive. Or practical. Not to mention a pain in the ass to maintain.
  • Never do anything just because a woman tells you to do it.
  • NO "AND THEN!!!!"
  • huh debaser? link doesn't work for you?
  • I, too, was expecting a THEN.... :(
  • SHE LEFT HIM!!! it's high hair drama! come on, people!! she was messing with a short-hair guy, cheating on her long-hair guy.
  • SideDish, it's from Dude, Where's My Car. Hair that long is just fucked.up. That's all I really have to say on that; not to hold it against anyone here who may have hair to their ankles, but, I stick by my opinion. ;) (I don't like long hair on guys in general, though, and wear my hair pretty short myself, so y'know, bias and all dat.)
  • damn, i KNEW there was a reason why i'd regret not seeing that movie. hair that long also causes headaches, apparently...
  • what livii said.... Never saw the movie, but the ad with the "No and then!" was good for a chuckle.
  • I also agree that hair that long is pretty nuts... male or female. I think the guy deserves it for being a no good, dirty hippie. :)
  • He better never go to Turkmenistan.
  • I had hair that dragged the ground as a child, and as an adult I let it grow past my hips. There's all sorts of problems that go along with hair like that, for example, a windy day + a wet car window = major ouchies. It takes an insane amount of hair care products as well, I used to get three uses out of a bottle of shampoo. I've kept it a few inches past my shoulders for years now, and I'm much happier with it. Same overall look, much less maintenance, and no more "issues" with automatic doors.
  • holy freakin' hair, people: look at that sig file from sidedish's link... "28/33/34 - Type 1bFiii Fine, thick, straight hair with a slight body wave, color-processed golden blonde Creme of Nature Detangling/Conditioning Shampoo Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Morocco Method Shampoos & Diamond Mist Leave-in Shea Moisture Leave-in AO's Selenium Natural Blue Shampoo Nature's Gate Biotin Shampoo Clairol's Fruit Fusion Conditioners and V05 Strawberries & Cream for CO Garnier Fructis & Neutrogena's Triple Moisture for deep condition L'Oreal's Ineral Hair Fixer Hair Repair Kit ACV Rinses Jojoba Oil for oiling mainly, sometimes coconut Jojoba Hot Oil Treatments Essential Oils - Rose, Lavender Supplements: MSM & Calcium" so, is that like the hair-fetish equivalent of the crap like "Dual AMD 2.4 GHZ 2 gig PC3600 nVidia GeForce 5600 etc., etc., etc." i keep seeing on the geek sites? 'cause the computer, i can understand bragging about - but the hair? i mean, the freakin' hair? wow.
  • you know... I didn't even notice that list... weird.. but, hey.... at least it's not: 3M duct tape Henshin serrated hunting knife Smith and Wesson .357 Song Chemicals Chloroform Levi's extra thick leather bandana Sound-B-Gone soundproofing
  • You know those "doors" they have in cheap corner shops and some take-away food joints - doors that aren't actually doors, but just have dense strings of beads or thin plastic strips dangling down? From behind, this man looks like one of those doors, that has made a bid for freedom, escaped its shop, and now wonders around the desert, singing at the moon.
  • My hair would be to the middle of my back if it were straight...but as it curls and curls and curls to no end,it is shoulder length.
  • your lucky I'm not drinking anything at the moment flashy!
  • yea, I think hair to the ankles is creepy for a man or a woman. My husband grows his hair long from time to time, to his shoulders, and it is sexy as hell. I love it, especially because he has black hair and green eyes and is ridiculously sexy. Slight widows peak so his hair frames his face just right, dimples in his cheeks, hmmmm...... Anyhow, anything past mid-back is too long for me. $0.02
  • bloody hippie or lazy redneck? i hear montrose in the background with bonjovi overtones
  • The people on that discussion board need to get rid of all the mirrors in the house and GET A LIFE!....sheesh......
  • One of my closest friends is a conservative Mennonite and she has never cut her hair in her life. It goes almost to her feet. She occasionally toys with the idea of cutting it to waist-length, which would make it a lot easier to care for. Of course it's done up in a bun all the time, so she doesn't have issues with revolving doors and all that. And her hair isn't that thick, so she doesn't get headaches from it.
  • I haven't seen that discussion board before but I've noticed a number of long hair sites, usually while searching for hair styles for long hair. The one I remember the most is The Long Hair Site by Frank, who in his picture has short hair. His site includes an illustrated page on how to wash hair, and hair etiquette for men:
    Be careful in crowds, because people will come right up and start touching her hair; if one of these people has a cigarette...If you go dancing, you should put your arm under hair, not over it...If you decide to carry her off into the sunset, yo[u] sh[o]uld first..."
  • Who touches a hair of yon grey head -- Far better snip a thousand hairs instead. So out with your scissors! Out with your shears! Her hair ain't been cut In ninety years! Look! The damn stuff's grown across the bedroom floor and down the stairs and now it's inching out the door!
  • The site originally linked offers a fragrance named Chignon Eau de Parfum. Does it smell like the big ball of hair on top of a head that the word chignon conjures up for me, or perhaps like a nape? Well, it's described as
    a fresh floral with green and powdery notes leading to precious woods.
    Other hairstyles that should have their own Eau de Parfum if they don't already - The Mohawk, The Shag, The Flip, The Combover. The last one would be an imposter fragrance, priced to sell, and smell almost exactly like Eau de Yul.
  • Hairy Mary, quite contrary, How does your bouffant grow? With stylin' gels and woody smells And mohawks all in a row.