November 01, 2004

Get out the vote from the comfort of your own home Americans who registered to vote through were given the chance to opt-in and get a reminder to vote on election day. And who is going to deliver that reminder? Why, you, of course. RocktheVote will give you a couple of phone numbers and a script to follow. All you have to do is pick up the phone and encourage a voter to exercize his or her basic rights.

As an American living abroad, I've been a bit frustrated to be unable to take a more active role in this election. I'm really excited to have found something I can do, even from this distance. As a sidenote, although there seems to be nothing stopping a non-American from participating (other than the cost of a long-distance phone call) certain previous evidence suggests that maybe it would be better to leave this to the USians.

  • You're welcome to it, jacob. Still, good luck to you lot - I hope you get the result you want and that your man proves to be everything you hope he is.
  • I too sincerely wish you Ameri-people a glorious revolution and much bloodshed of the filthy oppressor-class dogs. Or, happy whateverthefuck you do in your country to let the people have their say every now and again.
  • I have to tell you, if I get one more reminder to vote, I am going to go crazy and vote for Nader! Don't push me! I'll do it!!!
  • I am going to go crazy and vote for Nader I keep getting get-out-the-vote automated calls with no Caller ID, and which have no button to press to indicate that "I've already made up my mind and filled in an absentee ballot accordingly, now please in the name of all that is good and true in this world, please I beg of you, stop calling".
  • Rudolph Guliani called us. Or at least a recording of him did. You'd think they would have paid attention after the 10th time that we told campaigners that our house has one Canadian and one voter registered in another state (who has already voted). The only person eligible to vote tomorrow is the cat.
  • "Hello, this is [famous celebrity and/or politican] calling for jb's cat. If jb's cat is at home and plans to vote tomorrow, please listen carefully as our menu may have changed. If jb's cat needs a ride to the polls, please press '2'. Si el gato de jb habla Español, marque numero '9'. Thank you! ¡Gracias!"