November 01, 2004

Face Transplants on the way So far, no donors or volunteers... anyone game?
  • Didn't work so well for these guys. One of my very favourite movies, just out on Criterion.
  • There is one volunteer, apparently. There is a report that one transplant has been carried out here, though I'm not sure of its veracity.
  • I would consider donating my own, as I could not possibly fare much worse with something else.
  • Only if I get a new body to go with it. Then again, you know, just transplant my brain into a robot. They can do that, right?
  • When they meet me no one seems to run or flee and in fact most bahave civilly or say hnow much I resemble some other clown in my family, so I guess the face I've got must suit me even if one glance fails to cause the girls to swoon I think I'll just keep on as I've been doin'.