October 31, 2004

Ed Wood's Necromania! [NSFW] Fleshbot has released a DVD of Necromania, Ed Wood's (of Plan 9 fame) long lost porn film.
  • Oops, forgot, there are previews
  • Has fleshbot stopped working for anyone else out there? The domain name stopped resolving to an IP a while ago for me... I just assumed the site had gone down (!) but this post suggests that is not the case. I'm also a bit reluctant to get my ISP to try to fix a DNS error for a pr0n site. :)
  • It's working for me.
  • What's the Monkeyfilter equivalent of Pepsi Blue?
  • "It's working for me" heh Make sure your webcam is off.
  • Obviously, the MoFi equivalent of a Pepsi Blue is now a... Necromania.
  • Plan 9 is now available as MPEG. [from Boingboing via Hit and Run]
  • If you've never read them Wood's novels are a fun read.