October 31, 2004

Viewropa Yes, yes, I know it's my second post, but the launch of a moderated European community weblog is really something to spread the word about. Viewropa has launched today.
  • 10 minutes faster than me, ya bugger! Thanks Skrik - and welcome everyone to our new baby. Please see what we're about, and jump right in!
  • Is the message to Americans still "All these blogs are yours, except Viewropa. Attempt no landings there."?
  • Americans are very welcome (leave your loud checked shirts at home, please), but the posts must be relevant to (though not necessarily centered around) Europe.
  • Good luck to you guys. I like the design
  • Magnifique.
  • Best o' luck with this -- should be interesting to see how the multilingual end plays.
  • I'll take this post to recommend to tracicle & Richer that b2evolution also seems worthy of consideration for MoFi v2
  • Hi, I'm known as dodgygeezer on Viewropa (and MeFi) and did the development of the Viewropa site I'll take this post to recommend to tracicle & Richer that b2evolution also seems worthy of consideration for MoFi v2 I've had vague plans from day one of creating a MeFi-a-like skin for b2evo and hopefully once development of Viewropa settles down I'll get a chance to do it. Having said that, I get the impression that folk round here are pretty happy developing what they've already got and I can certainly respect that. Anyway guys, thanks for the link. I hope you all get a chance to pop by and that you like what you see.
  • Can I come & heckle?
  • Quite impressive! I'd be pleased to see this new thing thrive. (Though the *filter fragmentation distresses me a little, I can completely understand the motives behind this)
  • Barkingstars/dodgygeezer, I love the current style, and it's fairly close to mefi anyway - or are you thinking a full-on mefi replica? (Also, the "incorrect login/password" page is in Japanese - or is that deliberate?)
  • Wow, Viewropa promises to be an extremely interesting and diverse community. I particularly like the multi-lingual aspect and the categorization of posts (appeals to the librarian in me). Can't wait to watch it grow. Good luck!
  • Cheers! A big ol' Murrican HUZZAHH to yez!
  • Voi olla ihana. Whoops, wrong community ;o
  • I just realized, Finnish (and Estonian) isn't an option for Viewropa's preferred language choice. Unfortunately, these countries both belong to the E.U., and are "in Europe" as far as some definitions go. Hopefully they'll be changing this, or this community doesnt seem like it will be all inclusive to Europeans.
  • tracicle: The work involved in setting up the skin is mostly stripping out Viewropa stuff like taz's design, Quote of the day, etc. Then I'd need to tidy up the code before opening it up for public scrutiny. It should be noted that even though it's called a "skin" it isn't just the appearance of the site, but in fact the engine of the site. alcarilinque: We've not chosen to exclude anyone, however we're reliant on the locales provided with b2evolution. We're also reliant on having 2-3 moderators to moderate posts in that language. I think we'd love to have these languages on the site.
  • For my preferred locale (ja-JP), the meta content-type header is wrong. It advertises a iso-8859-1 charset, but the page is quite clearly utf-8. By the way, you should be using 8859-15 not 8859-1.
  • ^
  • Alcarilinque, the adoption of a language is dependent on there being a big enough moderator/ translator base. The languages that aren't supported yet will be as more and more people from those language communities join in, and contribute their help.
  • Fuyagare: One of the joys of using a third-party product is that I can sometimes blame it for when things go wrong. This is one of those happy occasions. I'll look into it...
  • So, is this supposed to be a *filter for Europe? Everyone seems to be talking like I should already be familiar with it.
  • About Viewropa
    Viewropa is a community site started by members of MetaFilter who are attempting an experiment in multi-lingual, collaborative and Euro-focused blogging.
    HTH (",)
  • This sounds great! Where's Europe?
  • It's down there with Mexico and Canada.
  • Will there be seperate sections for "old europe" and "new europe"? posted by Donald Rumsfeld at 02:29AM UTC on November 01 -
  • Remember: There is "a rat" in separate.
  • Me not speel gooder than most