October 31, 2004

Art by Radar
  • God bless him and I am glad he is using his celebrity to do good, but this stuff reminds me of what passes off as art in state fairs. Not that it's bad, it's just not good. Kinda reminds me of Halmark cards.
  • Incredible and wonderful if it's real (members.aol?). Some of you might never have seen M*A*S*H on TV. Do a Google search for "mash". Catch a few episodes if you can. It was a great war time sit-com. I was happy when Frank left. I quite liked Charles. ;-) Beautiful naturalist artwork, powerful stuff at this limited scale and I'd like to see the paintings. And at the prices offered my advice is buy one right away. If this is real it's important and interesting just as a cultural artifact. "Radar" is an icon and a hero to every little man who ever had to look forward, and Gary Burghoff was perfect in the role. So perfect that he was the only actor who was carried over from the original film into the TV series. Great post.
  • If Gary Burghofff has celebrity sales power, squidrach, I'm Larry Linville.
  • It's - just - so - dull