October 31, 2004

Curious George: Is there a special event on Tuesday? Should I hold a party for USian friends?

What should I serve? How about pretzels?

  • I like nachos!
  • My friend and I are planning on drinking a lot. Either way, it's appropriate.
  • Tuesday is the day an Ivy league guy will get to give favors to all his corporate friends. An appropriate dish would be pie.
  • I'm having a few friends over. We're going to flip between the major networks and the Daily Show coverage and play some canasta. The beverage plan for the evening is two-fold: a nice beer or wine for if Kerry wins, and a big bottle of whisky for if Bush wins.
  • What Argh said.
  • An American lady of my aquaintance is working over here in London for a few months. She's very tempted to push for a permanent transfer here, but hasn't fully made up her mind yet. We're holding a party for election night, which will also function as a "should I go back to America?" decision-night party for her...
  • And the follow-up to roryk's question is: what are the plans for the day-after? If GW wins (please don't let it be...please) are there plans for protest? What can we expect...quiet acceptance? a battle in the courts? peacefull demonstration? violent demonstration? what are your plans and what do you expect?
  • Yeah, either way, getting stoned is going to be a good idea.
  • I expect a landslide Kerry victory. If Bush wins, I plan to get more drunk than all the times I've been drunk– combined! If Bush steals the election by fraud, I plan to get in my car and drive to Washington DC. There I will join the thousands who'll surely come, and attempt to shut down that city with protests. Non-violently, as far as possible.
  • I'm planning to get exquisitely drunk and watch the Daily Show wrap-up. Next day I'm seeing my shrink. Seems appropriate either way.
  • There are plans in place to protest in Columbus (capitol of Ohio) if there is any large-scale voter fraud or intimidation here... as many expect there to be *sigh*. I'm only a couple of hours away from Columbus, so I guess my hangover and I will go there if need be.
  • meredithea, where in Columbus? State House?
  • naturesgreatestmiracle: According to the Free Press, the rally will be from 5-6pm at the Federal building at 200 N. High St. (scroll down to see the entry) Apparently, the new plan is to hold a rally no matter who wins, but the people I've talked to are only going if there's voter fraud or intimidation to the degree that 1)OH's electoral votes go to someone they shouldn't (of either party, tho' most suspect Bush supporters) or 2) no one has won by Nov. 3. If such occurs, are you going? If so, maybe we can have a mini mofi meetup.
  • Meetup! Yea!