October 30, 2004

For just $20, the DVD can be yours! Ralph Nader, driven to distraction by the irrelevency of his campaign, gets his Cartman on and has a tea party mock debate with puppets. Finally, a race he is qualified to win!
  • And to think that Richard Nixon once said that John Kerry, back in his VVAW days, if not stopped would become the next Ralph Nader!
  • Pupeteering for Bush and Kerry performed by the Bob MacInley Puppet Company. Puppeteering for Nader performed by the Republican National Committee.
  • Ouch.
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  • Wow, that is kinda cool...if just because it is very, very...odd.
  • This is a variation on the old election-year gimmick of debating a cardboard cut-out. Candidate A wants to debate Candidate B. Candidate B is ahead in the polls, and doesn't want to to debate. So Candidate A holds a big dog and pony show for the press in which he 'debates' a stand-up cardboard figure of Candidate B. Politicians all over the US have done it. Still, doing it with *dolls* is wierd. I think Nader should have included Mr. Bear and Clown and The Dancing Princess, and served them all tea and cookies.
  • Best. Post. Evar.
  • Most embarrassingly, the puppet Kerry won. That, at least, was the opinion in puppet spin alley after the debate. The puppet pundits had a field day.
  • Not to beat a dead horse, but it is any more bizarre than idea of invading Iraq? I mean, really?
  • is it, rather
  • This is awesome. But it would be more effective if he had been there to get arrested along with Badnarik and Cobb. Oh, and flashboy and the meh wins.
  • I think it's clever. Nader's got almost nothing to lose, so he can say what he really thinks, and he can attract attention with bizarro humor like this if he wants. I'm tempted to buy the video just to see the spectacle of a grown man arguing with puppets.
  • "I think it's clever. Nader's got almost nothing to lose..." Not even sanity.