October 30, 2004

Members of the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists
The members of the NTA are truly professional taxidermists and as such can be called artists,and most, if not all, abhor your desplays. You can surely be called a Rogue taxidermist. Bill Haynes, NTA Board of Directors Ethics Chairman Vice President
  • nice puppy... come here puppy...

  • More here at Custom Creatures. I asked Bad Santa to bring me Deluxe Frankensquirrel for Christmas this year.
  • Great find, p.p.
  • ))) Phenomenal links, thanks. I collect weird-ass taxidermy like this and hadn't come across these people before. The winged cat is sooo going on my wishlist.
  • flann o'brien (myles na gcopaleen/brien o'nolan) wrote a good story about a taxidermist's assistant who kills his employer and then hides in his own skin, only to end up facing trial for his own murder... "two in one" i think is the title of the story.
  • Very cool link. I would love a fiji mermaid or one of the siamese squirels, but sadly none of my friends are freakish enough to buy me one.
  • She's beautiful. Great stuff - and, oddly, much less disturbing than normal taxidermy. Which is just creepy as fuck. ...kills his employer and then hides in his own skin... Ah, and I just watched Silence Of The Lambs on TV. Today would seem to be official flaying day.