October 30, 2004

Halloweem Frights Creepy Unsolved Crimes

Halloween is a time when we think about scary stuff and slasher movies are typically part of the fun. However, I got to thinking and there are some real life unsolved crimes that are just as, if not more creepy, than any movie. One of the most well known is the case of the Zodiac Killer who began killing people in 1969 and disappeared for several years untill 1990 when the New York Post recieved a letter with specific details of recent murders. Another is the BTK Killer who first surfaced in 1974 and in March of 2004 sent a Wichita paper photos of the original murder as well as the victim's driver's licence. MSNBC has an article on History's Greatest Unsolved Crimes that lists some well known crimes, such as Jack the Ripper. Just after 9/11 several Anthrax letters were sent, making many ill and killing 5. Finally, the unsolved case that creeps me out the most, and got me started looking at this stuff last night, is the case of the Neck Bomb in which pizza delivery man Brian Douglas Wells had an elaborate bomb locked to his neck and was forced to attempt to rob a bank. The bomb went off, killing him, as police tried to remove to lock. There are some really creepy people out there, and what is more creepy is that somewhere out there, the people that did this are still free. Not all monsters are fictional.

  • See, *these* are the stories that scare me, 'cause they're real. (Thanks, jc, thanks a lot! Now I'll never sleep tonight...)